Lotus and Rose

Peter Dziuban on his book

Consciousness Is All is a book on Absolute Reality, also called Infinite Reality.

This is not a book about human experience, or how to attain a higher consciousness in order to improve a human experience.  It is a book that is concerned with the Allness, the “only-ness” or the Absoluteness of One Self, the Divine, Pure Consciousness, or what some call “God.”  It shows why there never has been a lesser or secondary Self or Life—and that the only Life there is, is 100 percent divine.  It is a book of what Consciousness is to Pure Consciousness—not how Consciousness can be related to a human mind or experience.

Consciousness Is All speaks of what appears as daily human experience, but makes clear that there is only One Life, Self, or Consciousness—and It is not personal, mortal or biological.  This does not “wipe out” a human identity or experience, but shows that the only Real You there is, and “ever has been,” is perfect, eternal, immortal—and not in a far off time of place, but right here, now.

The title, Consciousness Is All, means exactly that—Consciousness is all there is of all there is.  There is nothing that is greater than, or can be said to exist beyond or outside of Consciousness.  Virtually always today, when the term Consciousness is used, there is a tendency to think in terms of what one seems to be conscious of in everyday experience—the sights, sounds, touches, tastes and smells, as well as thoughts and emotions—but none of this is pure Consciousness Itself.

Thus, to say Consciousness is All, does not mean Consciousness is all of what appears as a physical, material world and universe.  It means Consciousness is all of pure Consciousness, and there is only This.  It is timeless and changeless; eternally present as pure Being.  This timeless, changeless, Absolute realm is nothing like so-called human experience that seems to occur in time.  It actually precludes time ever beginning!

To the so-called human, thinking mind, this of course sounds preposterous, or at best, like some kind of ethereal fantasy.  The first chapters in the book put the reader on a solid foundation of Consciousness, making clear that Consciousness, not a physical body, is one’s true, only Identity.  Then the book goes on to show why the world and universe as they seem or appear to the human mind and its five senses, is nothing but an illusory appearance, having no objective reality.  In the later chapters, the book continues deeper, showing why, from the standpoint of pure Consciousness, there is only Its pure Being, eternally present as perfect, unchanging Reality.