Lotus and Rose

The Flower Garden

God's Flower Garden

When one begins considering spiritual questions seriously, it can be like wandering into a garden filled with every flower imaginable, and some that are only imaginary. It can be overwhelming and somewhat intimidating. At times it can be downright discouraging.

This can be especially so if we feel that one must be "right" and others "wrong" -- one "true" and all others more or less "false."

Some flowers seem to clamor for our attention, almost shouting, "Look at me!" Others seem quite demure, speaking as it were in whispers or not at all.

But in reality, flowers just are.

They have no special agenda, no missionary goal to "win the world for begonias." They don't stigmatize some of their kind as weeds or condemn others as having no right to exist. If undisturbed, plants tend to accommodate themselves to the conditions. They live and let live.

Perhaps if we looked at the flower garden of spiritual viewpoints in a similar way, it might help.

The plant kingdom teaches many lessons about spiritual life. They have no eyes to see even their neighbors' beauty, let alone their own; no nose to smell the scents; no fingers to touch soft petals or sharp thorns. They just live and grow where they are, taking in water, carbon dioxide, and using sunlight to manufacture their own food if they are green plants. They are part of the eco-system, yet self-contained.

Even with the broad spectrum of viewpoints represented at Lotus and Rose, this is just a small part of The Great Garden. What is one to make of all this variety?

Some of us are entranced by a single species and concentrate all our attention in that one part of the garden. Others walk up and down the garden paths gathering bouquets composed of the variety available.

In the end, it's your choice.

There's no need to turn aside and leave the garden because you don't want to make any decisions. Just sit awhile, relax, and enjoy. Let the beauty, and even the variety, lead your thoughts to the gardener, who is none other than yourself.

Thank you for visiting Lotus and Rose. Please come back again.