Lotus and Rose

If I Were You

Even though I'm not currently a member of any religious or spiritual group, over the years I've joined a few. Some of them went so far as to describe their teachings as "The Truth" or "Truth teachings". Many of them presented persuasive arguments for their claims, and let's face it, every group thinks it has some corner on the truth or it wouldn't exist, would it? What would be the point?

If you're a member of a religious group, have you ever considered converting to another?

Perhaps you should at least allow yourself the freedom to simply see your current viewpoint from another angle.

If you are a member of one specific religion, take a moment and allow yourself this thought: what would I think of my religion if I were a member of another one?

Even if you are a member of no religion and think that religion itself is a useless waste of time at best, enter into this thought experiment for a moment or two.

Use the gift of imagination to picture yourself as a member of some religious group not your own, especially one that you consider to be the furthest from your current tradition. Consider how you would view your actual religion -- or lack of religion -- from this other point of view.

Sit with these thoughts for awhile.

When we try to see ourselves as others see us, we gain insight into why others think of us the way they do and we become more understanding.

Our truth is very precious to us, but so are the truths of others to them. Realizing this simple fact can go a long way in defusing hate, ill will, and mistrust, and perhaps will soften the edges of our outlook in such a way that love and concern for our fellow human beings, which is surely at the heart of all our paths, will enhance our commitment to our point of view and help make a better world for everyone.




Real truth can take it.