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Real Understanding is in the Heart

Real Understanding

We all seek happiness. Most people struggle to reach this apparently inaccessible goal. As a child, we look for happiness in the toy we are expecting; as a teenager, we may hope to reach it if we are lucky enough to win the next game, or have a date with the handsome boy or beautiful girl we saw on the beach; as an adult, we may think that the recipe for happiness is a complex blend of having a good job, being happily married, owning a house, having children, being healthy, and so on. When we take a global look at this picture, we see that we are in a permanent state of striving, always desiring something, always fearing something, always looking for happiness, and always unhappy. This endless oscillation between the past and the future prevents us from fully living the present reality of our life. It generates a deep dissatisfaction in us, which, if we listen to it, will turn out to be a very positive feeling. This dissatisfaction leads to questions, such as: "How can I escape from this infernal circle of fear and desire? Where does this happiness I have experienced from time to time come from? Can I be permanently established in this happiness? Can I live a life that is full and creative? How can I make the best use of my time?"

These questions indicate that we are already somewhat mature, in the sense that we have seen the problem. We have somehow understood that going from desire to desire is a dead end, and that as soon as we have acquired the desired object or avoided the feared event, we go on to something new, in an endless process of striving. When we see that, we are open to a new perspective. Having understood that the peace and happiness we are seeking can't be found in any object, that what we really desire is not the object itself but the happiness that was unveiled when we obtained the desired object and the desire ceased, we start aiming directly at the desireless state, happiness, instead of aiming at objects.

A detachment that is a natural result of this understanding then follows. This dispassion is not arrived at through effort, but rather appears by itself. The energies coming from our center, which until now were dispersed in the search for objects, have lost their external goals. They keep flowing back to their source until we find ourself to be what we were seeking.

Excerpt from Eternity Now
By Francis Lucille
Published by Non-Duality Press, 2009
Electronically reproduced by permission from the author

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