Lotus and Rose

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What group sponsors Lotus and Rose?
A: Lotus and Rose is a project of one person, simply sharing some insights and hopefully whetting your appetite for your own self-inquiry. No organized (or disorganized) religion, association, or group is behind it.

Q: With what religious group is the Webmaster associated?
A: Membership in a spiritual group is just fine, if that's important or useful to you. However, since you asked, and for whatever it's worth, the Lotus and Rose Webmaster is not a member of any religious organization.

Q: Is Lotus and Rose a money-making operation? I notice you have a relationship with Amazon.com.
A: Ha, ha, ha! Let's put it this way: Lotus and Rose has been around since January 1, 2001. In all those years, we have never earned enough commission from Amazon.com to even pay the Web hosting fee. The Books and a few DVDs (on the Photos & Videos page) are listed simply as some resources with a convenient way to find further information if you're interested .

Q: How are the linked sites chosen? Can I have my site listed?
A: As you know, there are thousands of spiritually-oriented Web sites around the globe. Lotus and Rose does not solicit links to other sites and does not receive any payment of any kind for listing any site. The linked sites are given without any endorsement.