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All things that appear in this world are transient. If you view all things that appear as never having appeared, then you will realize your true self.

--The Diamond Sutra

Is someone available to help?

Are you going through a difficult time in life, such as facing an illness, turmoil of one kind or another, or the loss of a loved one?

If you would like to chat, email or phone someone, ChaplainsOnHand.org is available with a variety of free services, regardless of your spiritual outlook. You can contact them, whether you are seriously ill, are a caregiver, friend, or concerned for a variety of other reasons.

The chaplains are board-certified healthcare professionals, some are ordained clergy of various faiths and others are not, and their assistance is available without judgment and regardless of one's faith or lack of it.

Chaplains On Hand


Links of Interest

  • Most Unusual Religious Web Site -- Promotes tolerance and understanding.
  • Joan Tollifson -- Joan's writings, several of which are included within the Dewdrops on this site, as well as her scheduled meetings and other information are available on her site.
  • Institute for Welcoming Resources -- Provides extensive and valuable spiritual resources for Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons, including building inclusive religious groups.
  • Advaita Fellowship -- Wayne Liquorman's site. Includes an excellent collection of varying ways of looking at the same thing. Includes audio files within the "Sage Pointers" category, various articles on nonduality, and links to Wayne's books.
  •  Sailor Bob Adamson -- Bob Adamson ended a lifelong search and discusses non-duality. The second site includes online audio and video clips.
  • Free Awareness -- Bentinho Massaro's site, including a variety of articles, video, and related information.
  • Heart of Now -- This is Greg Goode's Web site, filled with many helpful resources describing awareness: another word for the true Self.
  • Stillness Speaks -- Web site providing a comprehensive collection of information about the pursuit of enlightenment from various perspectives. Includes many videos, articles, teachers and a wide variety of resources.
  • Buddha at the Gas Pump -- An extensive series of penetrating interviews, not necessarily Buddhist but very Buddha. Watch for awhile and you'll see what I mean.
  • Shining World -- James Swartz's site, featuring many  articles, videos and help of various kinds leading to non-dual wisdom. See the excellent James Swartz interview video on our Photos & Videos page.
  • Advaita.org.uk -- One of the most thorough presentations of the non-dual perspective maintained by Dennis Waite. Includes many articles, a dictionary of Sanskrit terminology, Eastern and Western viewpoints, basic questions asked and answered, and many connections to additional Web-based assistance.
  • elephant journal -- An unusually cool online magazine, full of articles, videos, and other stuff on different aspects of the mindful life.
  • Nonduality Salon -- Over 1500 pages of material from a wide variety of practice but generally from the non-dual perspective.
  • The Advaita Show -- Several blog-like pages of links to a series of 27 podcasts, featuring Sailor Bob Adamson, that you can listen to using Windows Media Player or download for playback on your iPod or equivalent device.
  • Self-Discovery Portal -- Various resources for investigating who I am from both the Eastern and Western angles.
  • Poet Seers -- Collection of poetry from a wide variety of sources. Includes biographical information and selected poems.
  • The Headless Way -- A place to investigate your Self by pointing the finger at You! Presents the Self-discovery method of inquiry promoted by the philosopher, Douglas E. Harding. The site is available in several languages.
  • Religion Facts -- Are you curious about a particular religion without a lot of propaganda? Then here's a great resource.
  • Overview of World Religions -- Helpful, expandable flow charts of various religious traditions. When you click on a chart category, additional breakdowns are often available, many including brief descriptions of teachings, history, adherents, and other interesting details. Developed by St. Martin's College Department of Philosophy & Religion in the United Kingdom.
  • Zoo Fence -- Thoughtful comments on life and living simplified.
  • My Out Spirit -- Gay spirituality blog.
  • The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society -- Encouraging awareness, empathy and compassion based upon a variety of traditions.
  • Transcendentalists -- Complete books and essays of Henry David Thoreau.
  • Befriending Ourselves -- Resources for inner peace and self-care, including practical steps one can take using mindfulness, self-empathy, emotional freedom, and  psychotherapy, among others.
  • Zen Buddhism -- A vast collection of information on all aspects of Zen; part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library.
  • Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors -- A great introduction to Zen-think -- stories and some reactions to them.
  • Vermont Zen Center -- Place for learning and practicing Zen in the Philip Kapleau tradition.
  • Springwater Center -- Retreat center in upstate New York that encourages the way of meditative inquiry encouraged by Toni Packer.
  • Inner Explorations -- Christian mysticism, theology and metaphysics meet Eastern religions, Jungian psychology and a new sense of the earth.
  • Christian Deism -- Christian Deists believe that God takes an interest in the world and humanity but does not control the world or humanity. Human beings are "free agents in a free world."
  • Electronic Archives of Liberal Religion -- An extensive collection of original documents.
  • Church of Reality -- Internet-based, open-source religion based on available evidence.
  • God is Imaginary -- Challenges you to actually read the Bible and make some obvious conclusions. Includes a page of interesting videos.
  • ExChristian -- The latest polls indicate a gradually shrinking number of people identifying themselves as religious. This site attempts to explain why and offers support to those who leave the fold.
  • Richard Dawkins -- Writings, video, and audio from the atheist perspective, which seeks truth from reason and substantiated evidence.
  • World Pantheist Movement -- Reverence for the universe.
  • Humanistic Texts -- Large online collection of freely available writings from many authors around the world from varying perspectives yet with the common thread a humanistic approach. Note the links to various writers near the top of the page. A helpful index to the available writings organized both by time and alphabetically by author is provided.
  • The American Humanist Association -- Rationalism inspired by art and compassion.
  • Freedom From Religion Foundation -- American organization of freethinkers whose goal is to maintain the principle of separation of religion and government.
  • Skeptic Friends Network -- A little skepticism never hurt anyone and tends to keep you honest.
  • CSICOP On-line Scientifically Investigating Paranormal and Fringe Science Claims -- Serious skepticism.
  • The Secular Web -- Looking at things from the naturalist point of view, including an extensive online library, a blog, and links to audio/video files.
  • Positive Atheism -- A godless alternative -- spirituality without deity.
  • NoBeliefs -- Freethinkers thinking "religionless" thoughts.

 -- Peace --

Peace begins within you.

When one knows inner peace, then acceptance of others who may seem different, and the urge to end conflict between individuals, groups, and nations arises.

That's the message of Lotus and Rose.

Once you are at peace, work to bring peace to others.

Let's work to build a world of understanding and acceptance for the children of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Regardless of where you read it or who says it --

Question authority!