10 YouTube Channels Every Harry Potter Fan Should Follow

the Harry Potter The franchise has spawned a number of fan creations including fanfiction, musicals, unofficial movies, and more. One of the ways people share their fanworks is through YouTube channels, where they do montages, theory videos, and more. Harry Potter– thematic content.

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Engaging with these fan videos is a way for the fandom to continue to engage with a world they love, and a way to expand the wizarding world a little further than what’s written on the page and displayed on the big screen. With the huge amount of content available, here are some YouTube channels that Harry Potter fans should definitely check it out!


Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

This YouTube page is the counterpart of the podcast of the same name, which examines each book (and in the podcast, each chapter) and the important themes and lessons that can be learned from them. Although the YouTube channel isn’t as detailed as the podcast, the videos help put readers in the minds of the supporting characters and can be a great companion to the more in-depth podcast.

Harry Potter fans should subscribe to this youtube channel to get new insights Harry Potter characters and themes, plus information about the podcast and any updates it might have.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

This is the YouTube channel to turn to for information on the productions of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child of the whole world. The channel includes trailers, cast and crew interviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at the play. While fans are divided on whether or not the piece should be considered canon, as it does a lot of weird canon things in the Harry Potter universe, many like it and want to see more.

Harry Potter fans can subscribe to this YouTube channel to be reminded that the world of fiction is still alive and well on stage, where it continues to thrive. Fans of the play will find a wealth of content to love.

Harry Potter Clips

Remember that a scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Ron and Harry follow the spiders to the terrifying spider, Aragog? Fancy a refreshment? Harry Potter Clips has just about any moment from the series a fan could ask for, all with easily searchable titles. Whether fans are trying to win an argument with a friend, making fan videos, or simply reliving their favorite moments from the movies, Harry Potter Clips is the place to look.

Harry Potter fans should subscribe to this YouTube channel for easy access to Harry Potter video clips and to tell the YouTube algorithm they want more Harry Potter content in their recommended videos.

Harry Potter folklore

This YouTube channel examines various questions, theories and stories involving the Harry Potter universe and it’s for any Ravenclaws out there who are desperate for more information on the series they care about. Even for more casual fans, the channel has some intriguing fan theories that any fan could subscribe to. And because some fanfiction canons may be accepted as fact by the fandom at large, it helps to have a page that clarifies the difference between fact and fiction.

Harry Potter fans should subscribe to this youtube channel to get theories and regular updates on the Harry Potter franchise, with almost daily videos to satisfy the most obsessed fans.

Harry Potter at UVM

The University of Vermont has a course on Harry Potterand unregistered students can get some of the benefits of the Harry Potter on the UVM YouTube channel, where students and teachers work on each book, discussing how various themes develop, as well as different disciplines. Although the most recent video is a few months old, it seems possible more videos are coming, which means interested fans should subscribe!

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Harry Potter fans should subscribe to this YouTube channel to get an academic view of the Harry Potter franchise. Let them relive their college days, yearn for a minus Harry Potterr-loving school, or otherwise interested but unable to take the course, this channel lets anyone see some of the benefits of attending this course.

ASMR rooms

This channel is for fans who ever thought that working on their homework or work would be more interesting if it was all part of the magical world. Custom-designed ASMR rooms Harry Potter audio that fans can play in the background while they work. Rooms include common rooms, classrooms, and franchise outdoor locations, including holiday-themed versions.

Harry Potter fans should subscribe to this YouTube channel if they want to add some magic to their days with specially curated background music and ambient sounds.

Magic world

This is the official YouTube channel for everything Harry Potterso of course, Harry Potter fans should follow Magic world. The channel posts the latest updates on the franchise, as well as fun videos on how to craft based on the books and movies.

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Fans should subscribe to this YouTube channel to see all the ways the Harry Potter world continues to grow and change, as well as finding inspiration for their upcoming theme parties.

Harry Potter theory

This channel is entirely devoted to theories and hypotheses concerning the Harry Potter universe. It is frequently updated and provides viewers with answers to questions as varied as “What is Dumbledore’s big secret?” and “What if Draco Malfoy was in Gryffindor?” This channel is particularly good at its simulation articles, suggesting interesting scenarios that are sure to inspire a good fanfiction or two.

Harry Potter fans should subscribe to this youtube channel to get answers to questions they didn’t even know they had about the Harry Potter universe.

Potter puppet friends

This channel is a nice long throwback Harry Potter Fans. Who could forget the mysterious ticking sound? While there haven’t been any new videos in a while, the page recently uploaded new 4K resolution versions of their original videos. There are plenty of videos that even hardcore fans haven’t seen (or at least won’t remember), so it’s worth watching for both novelty and nostalgia.

Harry Potter fans can come to this youtube channel to remember dumber times of Harry Potter fandom, where Harry was angst-ridden, Dumbledore didn’t always wear clothes, and Neville was played by a potato.


Although this channel is not exclusive to Harry Potter content, there is enough of it and of good enough quality to warrant a mention. SuperPugBrothers is a YouTube channel where brothers, J and Ben, upload weekly on topics ranging from Marvel to Pixar to Harry Potter. The channel publishes fun theories, rankings and trivia, with a more personal touch than many other theory channels.

Harry Potter fans will find regular content on all sorts of fun and cheesy media that Potterheads tend to enjoy, as well as specific content based on the franchise.

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