5 marketing trends to watch in 2022

2022 will be the year of personalization and personalization, video, social commerce, voice search and privacy, trust and transparency, according to Sujata Dwibedy, Group Trading Director, Amplifi , toothed India. Here are the details why;

Customization and personalization:

Personalization is going to play a big role in 2022. One size does not fit all when it comes to content, as viewing, reading and understanding preferences are different for different audiences. But it’s not just the content we need to get it right. Ensuring that our audience receives these ads at the right time and that they are placed correctly is also crucial for engagement in today’s crowded landscape.

For example: if we were to talk to Gen Z, we would normally use our usual selection of media, the usual channel platforms with a few English music channels on TV, a few ads on Instagram, Snapchat or a presence on music app. However, this is not enough, you have to know exactly what the audience is watching. Look at the apps that young people use a lot such as Discord, Among us, Twitter, Reels, etc. It is important to keep in mind their preferred language for content consumption, which could be English, Hindi, Regional languages ​​or even Korean for that matter.


TikTok has changed the social media landscape from status updates to short video posts. India was already trending as the second largest country using Tiktok when the ban took place. It didn’t take long for other publishers to ride the craze, with Instagram launching its ‘Reels’ and YouTube with ‘Shorts’, then came apps like ‘Moj’, ‘Josh’, ‘Chingari’, etc. . Without a doubt, short format videos will be a major trend in India. This trend will continue to rise on the popularity scale and not only with younger target groups. Its power cannot be underestimated, especially from a business perspective.

2022 will further fuel the live streaming wars. From gamers, musicians, influencers and publishers, audiences will start connecting to streams. The OTT space will heat up further with the consolidation of the biggies. Original content on all platforms will increase. But again, the winner for advertisers will be those who are able to deliver numbers with measured metrics. It will not be those who randomly used any language at any given time, at their own frequency with the same consecutive ad spots or those who are not double-spotted but multiple-spotted. Right now, making it a better customer experience is extremely important. AVODs (Advertising-Based Video on Demand) isn’t a great experience with huge clutter, especially for favorite shows. Ad revenue on AVODs will depend on better, cleaner and advertiser-friendly programming. Moreover, the the use of AI and automation will be extremely important to manage the vast inventory.

Social commerce:

With the growth of digital natives, the increasing penetration of internet and smartphones, the growth of direct selling and the evolution of technology, there will be a massive progression of social commerce. New retail business models have emerged, with some companies selling exclusively through social media channels only. Almost all social media platforms today offer retail opportunities that facilitate e-commerce.

Over 30% of India’s population is active on at least one social media platform, which brings new e-commerce opportunities every day. Social media posts and product sharing help brands increase customer engagement and traffic conversion. As of now, small sellers and resellers have started to actively embrace social commerce as they can easily access large sets of customers without much investment. We will soon see major retailers exploiting this space as well.

Voice search:

Voice search technology has taken a leap forward in recent years, changing the way many of us search online. Current statistics show that most adults use voice search at least once a day. Adoption has already been seen across all possible search platforms, including e-commerce, as voice search technology improves and as connected devices continue to add and improve functions. voice. Also, the fact that it is possible in any language of choice and that users are increasingly looking for local results makes it a very solid platform. The year 2022 should bring some interesting innovations and strengthen monetization opportunities on this platform.

Confidentiality, trust and transparency:

Consumers are increasingly aware that their data is being used directly or indirectly. Google has announced its reduction of third-party cookies by 2023. Therefore, in 2022 digital marketers will prepare for tighter privacy restrictions which will of course change the way they can track their users’ behavior and will have to reassess their strategies from 2022.

But that’s not the end of content or data-driven marketing. This is the start of a new era of trust and transparency between businesses and consumers. It will lead to a change in terms of data management, making user consent and the positive exchange of value key factors. Some alternative pathways are already being developed as first-party data sources and others by large partners. Continue building would be an interesting trip.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and in no way represent the opinions of exchange4media.com

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