A Guide to Remi Wolf, Dillo’s Daytime Headliner

Welcome to a quick guide to where to start listening to Remi Wolf, our Dillo Day 2022 headliner. Wolf is an up-and-coming artist whose songs you might not know, although you’ll probably recognize his viral song TikTok “PhotoID”. But she’s more than just a one-hit wonder – her music is electric, colorful and perfect for Dillo Day, which happens on Saturday, May 21.

The easiest way to get to know an artist before a gig is to look at the artist’s setlist – the music and the order in which they performed their songs on tour. Wolf won’t have enough time on stage to play all of his songs and you won’t have enough time to memorize every one of them either, so be efficient! The setlist might not be exact, but it’s a good place to start if you’re looking to whittle down the roster.

Here are some of my favorites.

ID photo

If everyone in the audience should know a song, it’s “Photo ID.The popular 15-second chorus repeats the phrase “ooh, baby, turn off the light,” but the rest of “Photo ID” is just as catchy. In an interview with Line of Best Fit, Wolf said “the lyrics don’t are just the culmination of these chaotic thoughts”.

The song is as beautiful as it is chaotic.

Anthony Kiedis

As a tribute to the founding member and lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Anthony Kiedis” is a reflection on Wolf’s relationship with his family, peppered with references to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“Anthony Kiedis’ writing style is so free. He just says what he wants, and I’m very inspired by that,” Wolf told Entertainment Weekly. She does the same with her lyrics and the variation of the melodies in this song – “I make donuts with my body and I talk with Jesus.”

Naughty sexy

Although this song is slightly colder, “Sexy Villain” is nevertheless just as vibrant.

In an MTV Push video interview, Wolf revealed that the song was inspired by her interest in real crime shows and a weird point in her relationship where she always felt like the bad guy. These two inspirations led to Wolf creating his alter-ego, the Sexy Villain, who is first portrayed in the song. In the video, she dresses in a style similar to what Cruella De Vil would have worn in her early twenties.


In my opinion, “Liz” is one of Wolf’s most groovy songs. She wrote this drunkenly about her close friend who attended the University of Southern California with Wolf and their love-hate relationship. She even has a mini-documentary about the writing process.

Fun fact: “Liz” is a fan favorite that Wolf had been playing at gigs for years but wasn’t released until 2021, according to the music video’s description.


“Courting!” Is the lead single from Wolf’s 2020 EP I’m allergic to dogs!

As Wolf described in an interview with Clash, “It’s fun and cute and bright and INTENSE. The song is an ADHD explosion of my feelings on LOVE.

You won’t be disappointed with the music video either. She does hip thrusts on a fidget spinner with mini CGI versions of her dancing on her rims, twerking around fruit three times her size, and bouncing on animated inflation of herself.

Wolf’s visuals have as much energy as his music, and watching them together creates a whole new experience. His music videos combine to be a mammoth journey as they embody that oversaturated indie TikTok style with a dash of Jack Stauber claymations, 90s kids shows and trashy CGI animations (definitely check out the Guerrilla Musical clip).

I hope this little dip into the world of Remi Wolf got you excited for Dillo Say. If by the end of this guide you’ve become addicted to his music like me, I recommend you check out some of my other favorites: “Disco Man”, “Hello Hello Hello”, “Guerilla”, and “Liquor Store”. ”

Good listening !

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