A number of Vevo artist channels have been hacked by an anonymous hacker

It appears that some of Vevo artists’ channels, including Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, have been hacked by an anonymous Twitter user.

Last night, fans were surprised to receive a notification from their favorite artist’s channel thinking they had received a surprise release of a new song. Turns out the new content wasn’t for them, or the artists themselves. The new upload was actually from a suspicious hacker who identified himself as @LOSPELAOSBRO on Twitter. The Twitter user had apparently hacked some artists’ Vevo-affiliated YouTube channels.

The hacker apparently uploads random music videos to the artist’s YouTube channels, and it seems that the hacker is dedicated to finding the channels of different famous singers and rappers as he was able to hack the channels of Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Lil Nas X, Drake, Eminem, even the late Michael Jackson Channel, and the list goes on.

Some fans were quick to notice the suspicious activity and demanded action, especially with how quickly the hacker is getting their hands on many artist channels:

Of course, others took it lightly and humorously added as they faced the situation:

Luckily, the uploaded videos were quickly taken down and removed from the pirated channels. Meanwhile, fans are still trying to identify the real person behind all the chaos and are hoping Vevo will fix the situation.

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