All clips of Midnights by Taylor Swift Easter Eggs

Get ready for even more Taylor Swift Easter Eggs!

Before the release of Midnights on October 21, the singer revealed that she would be releasing several music videos for the new album.

“Here is the trailer of the videos I made for Midnights‘, Swift captioned the clip on Instagram, which shows her doing things like blowing a smoke ring and dancing on stage in a Vegas-style sequin bikini.

While the trailer teases even more exciting things to come — including cameos from Haim, Jack Antonoff and Laura Dern — Swift’s debut outing, her video for “Anti-Hero,” was sure to thrill fans right from the start. departure.

From references to her old days to clues about what’s to come with this new one, here’s a breakdown of Swift’s Easter Eggs Midnights music videos.

Lavender glitter

Taylor Swift/YouTube

In the video, there are several instances of Swift encountering purple glitter, including the yolk in Swift’s eggs and blood on her chest when she is shot by an arrow. Not only purple glitter could be a theme for the Midnights album as a whole, but it could be an easter egg for an upcoming “Lavender Haze” music video, which was teased in her Midnights music video trailer.

ghosts of her Red time

Taylor Swift/YouTube

As Swift sees ghosts in her house, two of them are sports props of her Red era, a possible nod to his closing the door on Red (Taylor’s version) with the release of their new album. One ghost wears the iconic red heart-shaped sunglasses from her “22” music video, while the other wears a similar cat-eared headband she donned later in the music video.

Old Taylor coming on the phone

Taylor Swift/YouTube

Before the release of Midnights, Swift teased all of the album’s songs on TikTok with a series called “Midnights Mayhem with Me,” in which she revealed the track titles while speaking into a red rotary phone similar to her “Look What You Made Me Do” Music Video. Many fans speculated that the phone symbolized “old Taylor” coming on the phone as the songs were about past experiences throughout his life. A similar rotary phone appears in the “Anti-Hero” music video as she tries to phone for help and realizes the wire has been cut.

Speak Now guitar

Taylor Swift/YouTube

In one of the scenes in which Swift interacts with different versions of herself, the principal Taylor is shown playing the guitar, while the more rambunctious Taylor is shown smashing the same guitar on the floor. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the guitar is actually a limited edition Koi Living Jewels Acoustic Guitar from Taylor Guitars, which Swift played every night during her Speak Now round. Maybe this is a clue for his future re-recording of the album?

Alice in Wonderland

Taylor Swift/YouTube

In the video, there seem to be several nods to Alice in Wonderland as a giant Swift joins a “tea party” and spooks the guests. Fans think this could be a clue for his upcoming re-recording of 1989 because the singer has a track called “Wonderland” on the album.

“The Archer”

Taylor Swift/YouTube

Also in the tea scene is a photo of Swift getting hit in the heart with an arrow, which fans interpreted as a reference to her song five “The Archer” from Loverin which she grapples with her anxiety and fears, such as her “Anti-Hero” lyrics.

A picture of Marjorie

Taylor Swift/YouTube

As Swift weighs herself in the bathroom, there’s a framed photo of her grandmother Marjorie on the wall. Swift once wrote a track about her grandmother, who was also a singer, about her Still album.

Taylor Swift’s Cats

Taylor Swift/YouTube

In the funeral scene, there is a photo of “older Taylor” surrounded by many cats, including her real cats Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button pictured.

Without fear tour dress

Taylor Swift/YouTube

Also in the funeral scene, Swift’s on-screen stepdaughter Kimber (played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis) is shown wearing a black dress that the singer previously wore during her Without fear round. Some fans have speculated that the fashion Easter egg could be a dig at Kim Kardashian and how she controversially wore the late Marilyn Monroe dress to the 2022 Met Gala.

Additionally, one of Swift’s on-screen sons (played by John Early) can be seen wearing a shirt similar to the one Swift wore in “The Man” music video.

Snake Boots

Taylor Swift/YouTube

In one of the video’s final shots, Swift reunites on the rooftop as the two drink wine together. While one Swift sports a 70s-inspired look, another wears a pair of snakeskin-print boots, which could be a reference to Swift. Reputation time.

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