Artists selected for the Painted Rain Barrel project

The City of Georgetown Water Conservation Team and the Arts and Culture Council awarded 10 works by nine different artists for the Painted Rain Barrel Project, a water conservation project whose goal is to raise awareness of the accessibility of conservation methods.

The artists and their works are:

  • “WATER” by Morgan GO
  • “Chickendance” by Elizabeth Sullivan
  • “Barking in the Rain” by Mark Stalkner
  • “Poppies Please and Keep Smiling” by Faith Teresa Rooker
  • “A Glass of Goldfish” by Michael Clark
  • Bones by Mark Stalkner
  • “Waves” by Jessica Sobhani
  • “Bluebonnets” by Katie Chance
  • “Sunflower and Dots” by Elissa Schrum
  • Texas DNA by Erin Hounsel

The rain barrels will be on display at local businesses and downtown municipal facilities from October 17-21. Each barrel will be auctioned during this week, and people can place bids via a QR code. Bidding starts at $125. Proceeds from the auction will go towards water conservation education and awareness efforts in our local school systems.

Visitors to the square on October 20 will also have the opportunity to “imagine a day without water”. Downtown businesses will have free giveaways and people can enter a raffle for a chance to receive themed giveaways. Water plays a vital role in our daily lives, and this event is designed to raise awareness of what life would be like without water.

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