Arts Festival policy prioritizes the safety of pets and visitors


Oklahoma City, OK – The Oklahoma City Arts Festival wants to make sure visitors are aware of the festival’s “no pets” policy.

This long-standing policy prioritizes the safety and well-being of animals, participants, vendors and performers.

“Art, large crowds and lots of food are great for people but can be stressful for pets,” said Jonathon Gary, animal welfare superintendent for the City of Oklahoma City. “Some of the foods present may not be good for pets, and the stress of a crowded area with unfamiliar faces may cause them to react in ways they would not normally behave. For the safety of visitors of the Arts and Pets Festival, we ask people not to bring animals onto the festival grounds.

Moreover, the festival hosts many diverse artists who showcase valuable and one-of-a-kind works of art. Pets could inadvertently damage some of these works, which could harm the artists.

“We have a responsibility to protect artists and their work while they are on display at the Festival,” said Peter Dolese, Executive Director of the Arts Council. “Our policy is focused on everyone’s safety.”

Dolese added that service animals are an exception to the no-pets policy.

The Arts Festival takes place at Bicentennial Park in downtown Oklahoma City from April 19-24. It is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.


Parking will be available in the Arts District garage located just south of City Hall, as well as the lot at 444 West Reno.

Paid parking is also available at parking lots and garages located throughout downtown Oklahoma City and a limited amount of street parking is located around the perimeter of the event.


The OKC tram will be free from April 19 to 24. The Library stop on the Downtown Loop faces the east entrance to the festival grounds.

The modern MAPS 3 streetcar, known as the Oklahoma City Streetcar or OKC Streetcar, connects major neighborhoods in and around downtown Oklahoma City. The trolley will stop at 112 N. Hudson Ave, right next to the Festival grounds on the east side.

The festival will feature 144 visual artists, over 140 performances and 27 food vendors.


– Arts Festival welcomes 750,000 visitors every year.

– The Arts Festival celebrates its 56th birthday This year.

– Over 550 visual artists from across the country swear by one of the Festival’s 144 coveted spaces. There are 12 mediums in the exhibition, ranging from two-dimensional oil and water paintings to three-dimensional sculpture.

– Sculpture park exhibits large-scale works in bronze, stone, marble and mixed media. The park will extend to the center of the Bicentenaire Park. The main tent is located at the northeast corner of the park.

– Three steps will provide non-stop entertainment for festival-goers. More than 200 artists of all ages will perform at the Festival.

– For more than 10 years, the festival has been a partner of the Go green committee to ensure that we are a sustainable festival. Only compostable or recyclable materials are used at each dining venue, and the festival is one of the largest eco-conscious events in the United States.

International food line offers many treats, ranging from traditional to unique, from 27 vendors. Old favorites return to the Festival, like Indian Tacos, Wondervan Pops and Strawberries Newport. New additions include Tom and Chee and The Bacon Habit.

– The Children’s area provides fun and excitement for the whole family. the Children’s Art Field offers hands-on art activities for children ages 3 to 12 for $3 admission. pottery place is a popular Festival activity that offers children and adults the opportunity to create their own works of clay art. face painting and the Art Mart youth make a comeback.

– Be sure to visit the Youth Art Sale April 23 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. to see the next generation of Oklahoma artists. The Youth Art Sale offers a unique opportunity for talented artists between the ages of 8 and 18 to sell their masterpieces in an environment similar to professional artists at the Festival.

featured artist this year it’s Mr. Robinson. Mr. Robinson is the collaborative work of Mary Ann and Michael Robinson Holmes. Outside of his regular work, Michael has developed an abstract line of work, known as Mr. Robinson (from Michael Robinson Holmes). Ann met Michael in 2009, he introduced her to his painting techniques and they have been collaborating ever since. Michael and Mary Ann begin their work by building cherry wood boxes. Then they layer modeling clay, gesso, and vibrant high-viscosity paints onto the piece. Once the piece has hardened, they deconstruct the paint by sanding down layers, revealing the tinted modeling clay and gesso in selected areas. They finish the piece with epoxy which creates a glass-like finish.

– Reach Headquarter call (405)-207-4848.

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