ATC instructors mix up the highly anticipated Jam & Lewis Vol. 1 • In addition, a larger version of ATC announces the showcase event of the recording

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: After nearly four decades in the industry, legendary Grammy Award-winning songwriting / production duo, recently turned artist, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, have released their debut album, Jam & Lewis Volume One (BMG). The album features guest stars including Mariah Carey, Babyface, Mary J. Blige, Boyz II Men, Toni Braxton, Usher and more. On their most recent Billboard Top 10 R&B single, “Somewhat Loved (There You Go Breakin ‘My Heart)”, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have teamed up with the multi-platinum, multiple Grammy-winning The New York Times # 1 Best Selling Author and World Superstar Mariah Carey. Together, they delivered a hymn punctuated by the legendary vocal surge of Carey and the inimitable musicality of the duo.

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. © 2021 Marselle Washington (Marco Imagery)

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have had unprecedented careers as producers, with five Grammy Awards, over 100 Platinum certifications, and 16 Billboard Hot 100 Number Ones. They have worked with legendary artists such as Elton John, Lionel Richie and Patti LaBelle, composing music for the NBA basketball broadcasts of the TBS and TNT networks, as well as the theme of the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in summer of 1996. The duo were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, received an NAACP Image Award, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and were recently nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the Leadership category. exceptional musical “.

“We’ve been wanting to release our own album for a long time,” Jam said. “This goes back to 1985. We played one of the tracks from our album for Janet Jackson while we were working with her on Control and she asked, ‘who is this for?’ We said “you if you want it” and Janet said “oh I do! This song became “What Have You Done For Me Lately”. who essentially launched her recording career – and practically ended ours… as artists! Over the years we kept trying to reboot our album, but every time we finished a song planned for the project with one of the artists they would always say, “Oh no, I have to keep this song to myself.” . “The only reason we finally have an album now is because we finally got selfish and started keeping songs to ourselves!” “

Jam & Lewis, Vol. 1 is a collection of entirely new songs written by the duo and recorded with the help of their many friends in the industry. Jam noted, “You can check out our track record of the people we’ve connected with over the years. There are people with whom we are connected not only musically, but also on a personal level. People like Mariah Carey, Babyface, Usher, Boyz II Men, Mary J Blige… these are the kind of people involved in Flight. 1. “The songs on Flight. 1 have been recorded with their collaborators in many different studios in analog and digital over many years, which made the process of mixing them all into a cohesive whole more difficult.

“We wanted to mix the entire album in an immersive format, but we had never mixed for surround in our studio, Flyte Tyme,” noted Lewis. “We had been impressed with ATC monitors in the past, and the range of different models and sizes of ATC made it possible to equip our Flyte Tyme control room with the right boxes for an immersive system. Three ATC SCM45A Pro monitors serve as left / center / right; two slightly smaller ATC SCM25A Pro monitors serve as rear channels; and six even smaller ATC SCM12 Pro monitors serve as side channels and four ATC SCM12i Pro air channels.

“We’re always looking for a good mix with a lot of detail that adds to an effective package,” Jam said. “ATCs are great for this; they are very real. They sound warm and pleasant and are easy to work with, but they’re not hyped. They won’t sound a bad mix, so they make us work! But once things sound good on ATCs, we can be sure that they will translate everywhere else – from other surround sound systems to cars, to computer speakers, to headphones.

Jam & Lewis, Vol. 1 evening of listening in the legendary Capitol studios in Los Angeles. © 2021 R. Duronslet Photography

Of course, the wait for Jam & Lewis, Vol. 1 was at its peak, so the duo hosted a preview listening event to reveal their work to friends and colleagues in the industry. The historic event took place at the legendary Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. They took over the huge Studio A concert hall and TransAudio Group, who were instrumental in outfitting Flyte Tyme with our ATC monitors, worked out the logistics to set up an even larger ATC system – quite to wash the two cents – as well as the people who were invited to the event. The demo ATC system consisted of ATC SCM50ASL Pro monitors for left / right, ATC SCM45A monitors for center / sides / rear, and ATC SCM12 Pro monitors for overhead. “Customer service with ATC and TransAudio Group was wonderful,” said Lewis. “They went out of their way to get us what we needed as quickly as we needed it. “

“It was a great event,” said Jam. “We installed sofas and rugs and arranged the monitors to create a nice, big, ideal place. People settled in and then stayed where we played a lot of the ongoing tracks from the album. I think the experience was doubly cool because they were listening to music that they had never heard before, but they also heard it in a way that they had never heard before!

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