BAD Music Records plans big for artists



As the music industry continues to develop with interests from different walks of life, more and more record label owners have begun to take an interest in the art of nurturing musical acts and providing viable platforms. that could help them achieve their dreams.

Big Achievable Dreams (BAD) is one of those labels trying to bridge the gap with plans to put bands on the world map. yearning for a platform to showcase their talent.

As part of its plans to lead the way, the South Africa-based company said in a statement that it will support artists in music production, content marketing, branding and strategic planning, a company that has the ability to put their name and songs on it. on the lips of many music lovers inside and outside the African coasts.

“We’ve seen how artists struggle to show the world what they can offer and that’s why we offer to provide them with quality sound production, marketing, management and packaging for artists of all genres. It crosses Reggae, Pop, Hiphop, classical music and others.

The record company is keen to get the best out of its artists, engaging their sense of creativity, appropriate direction, strategic planning and quality management.

In a quest to rebranding and renovating the entertainment industry, the record company believes in bringing about positive changes to its local and international audiences through the provision of top notch entertainment from all subsidiaries; music, film, events and lifestyle.

“We have a series of projects coming in from December; our aim is to provide people, young and old, with opportunities to explore their creative side and develop them socially, mentally, financially as well as other aspects that would generate positive productivity.


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