Belvoir St Theater presents ART FOR AFGHANISTAN


In collaboration with PYT Fairfield and the Afghan art community, Belvoir presents Art for Afghanistan, a series of short video reflections that celebrate 5 Afghan artists, their art and their stories.

Art for Afghanistan celebrates Afghan art and culture and aims to raise funds for Action Aid’s emergency response through an auction of the artists’ works. The artists were selected by Bibi Goul Mossavi and their videos will be released over the next 10 days on social media and Belvoir’s website.

Featured artists include Bibi Goul Mossavi (beadwork), Elyas Alavi (painting and poetry), Jalal Nazari (calligraphy), Arefa Hassani (‘thread painting’ and embroidery) and Lemah Orya (ceramic sculptures). Each artist will also share a favorite poem.

In the first video, Bibi Goul Mossavi joins them from her living room in Old Guildford, Sydney, where she traces the roots of her artistic practices, reflects on her duty as an Afghan Australian artist at that time, and shares a Persian spiritual poem.

Visit the Belvoir website for more details on how you can support the fundraising effort: either by bidding for a piece of art, or simply by donating to Action Aid Fundraiser, whether you can do through the auction page.

The auction will be live from Tuesday October 5 to Friday October 8, 2021 once the 5 videos featuring the artists and their stories are released.

More information on the initiative can be found at

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