Best Music Bots for Discord (2022)

Discord music bots can modify your server in different ways. Music can make or break an experience for you. The thrill of victory; punctuated by the punchy beats of your favorite soundtrack. The feeling of sadness and loss when listening to something that reminds you of someone in the past. Everything you do can be enhanced by music, including discussing passions on a Discord server. Today, we’re going to go over some of the best choices currently available for Music Bots, available on Discord.


Hydra is a personal favorite, used in several Discord channels that are quite active, be it for gaming or anything else. One of the reasons Hydra is one of the most popular Discord Music Bots is due to its rich feature set, from simple commands and music requests to reaction roles, which allow members of your server to s assign unique roles to how the Bot is controlled. Hydra is a free robot, however, it also has plans for Premium features, which include up to 15 servers for a monthly cost, or individual premium plans.


ProBot is a widely used Discord Bot, not only for the fact that it offers high-quality music selections, but it also has many other features, such as image search, logs, moderation, and more. One of the best parts of this bot, however, is its 99.99% uptime claim, which means you’re guaranteed a flawless Discord session filled with your favorite music options. Offering commands like #skip, #search, #queue, and more, you can keep a close eye on what kind of music you have on your server, to keep things as exciting or as smooth as you prefer. ProBot is also free, which makes adding it to your server a no-brainer.

Radio Lofi

Lofi Radio is a fairly new bot, inspired by the classic YouTube video we’ve all stumbled across, of a young girl in her bedroom, listening to music and doing her homework with some nice relaxing Lofi beats playing in the background. -plan, filling your room with the rich, warm tones of a new favorite genre. Lofi Radio one-ups that let you keep your favorite chat room as cozy and comfortable as you want. Relax with a cup of your favorite drink and let the rhythm take over your soul. Lofi Radio is free, and can make your next gaming session with your favorite relaxing game even more relaxing.


Love music, but hate having to go to another site to find what you’re looking for? Look no further than FredBoat, which deserves praise here as a bot that lets you search Discord directly, rather than having to search outside media sources to find that perfect tune you’ve been trying to find. Want to pick flowers in Animal Crossing while listening to your favorite heavy metal tracks? FredBoat has you covered. The best part? FredBoat is free to add to your server! Trusted by over 4 million other Discord users, why not give this one a try today?


Music is a great tool you can use in your chats, but what if you want a little more? BMO has you covered, not only offering searchable song options and queues, but also supports games on your server, picture tools and more. BMO also works fast, with little to no time between finding your favorite song and maybe something you’ve never heard before, suggested by someone in your chat. BMO is free, and slightly more experimental than other bots, with new features being added quite often.

Finding new ways to keep your Discord chats fun and efficient will be much easier with the help of one of the bots listed above. As stated above, Hydra is a strong contender for the best music bot, especially if you moderate multiple Discord chats and want the music to keep going. Have fun and keep streaming!

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