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Renowned video production house, Big Team Production, which has produced a considerable number of music videos in Rwanda, has entered into a strategic partnership with several local and regional music TV channels to broadcast Rwandan music videos, according to a press release.

Big Team Production is a video production company known for producing some of the best visuals in Rwanda like ‘Shumelata’ by Platini P, ‘Feel Me’ by Queen Cha and ‘Babahungu’ by Ish Kevin.

According to Bruno Shema, president and co-founder of the company, the purpose of this distribution is to support local talent, especially diaspora artists and non-established artists, to gain more visibility locally and internationally as a promotion. of the creative industry.

He said the service would hypothetically help future musicians across the country. and the diaspora as well as those who are far in the neighborhoods because this will be processed electronically.

“It was not easy for the artists to get noticed because, according to the retrospective examples, the artists would need a good team to handle all the activities necessary for the success of their songs,” said Shema. , explaining why this project is a necessity.

“Artists go through the rigorous cycle of composition, audio recording, video shooting, release plans, distribution and promotion plans. These would be onerous tasks for independent artists who usually don’t have a record label or supporting team to be successful. he added.

All it takes to be a part of the cast is to contact Big Team management, to be informed of each station’s requirements to play the music videos, and with the provision of permission to play their video content, they will be able to choose how many TV channels that partner with Big Team, according to a statement from officials.

A large team will work with Citizen TV and Trace Mziki as well as with local TV channels such as KC2, TV10, Flash TV and many others, while seeking a more international partnership.

He will also follow up on broadcasts and help artists get interviews on the mentioned TV channels.

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