BIIANCO publishes another interactive video for the new “pins and needles” track



“We’re all phoenixes, sometimes we just need a minute to rebuild from our ashes,” says the queer-woman Los Angeles-based pop artist. BIANCO. Hope you will remember them, when earlier this year they released their haunting anthem to power ‘this is what friends are for’ with an equally haunting interactive music video game filled with zombies and fun. power of friendship. Today, BIIANCO once again surprises fans with the interactive virtual reality video clip of their new track “pins and needles”.

This dream-pop hymn begins with an interesting click-clack percussion, accompanied by a soft mermaid-like synth. The pre-choir then plays a lullaby chime until the chorus turns into a cathartic frenzy, which corresponds to when BIIANCO suggests enlightenment with them by singing, “And I wake up now.”

The interactive 360-degree music video puts fans in the scene of watching BIIANCO alone on an island and facing the choppy ocean waves. It’s actually a continuation of their past music videos. So, you absolutely have to spiral down the BIIANCO rabbit hole. They won’t regret it.

This song is from their next one Mix # 2, released on October 28e.

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