His latest single “Shmoney” hosted features from Rowdy Rebel and Quavo, and with that stacked trio, a music video was also due to arrive. Bobby Shmurda has been giving his fans regularly scheduled new music throughout the year, but they continue to wait for the rapper to finally announce the release of his debut studio album.

Shmurda has had a good life since his release from prison and many of his fans and peers have been happy to see him enjoy the fruits of his labor. However, there have been those who choose the New York rapper by teasing him about his dancing in his videos, and reported “Shmoney” visual director Damien Sandoval sang Shmurda’s praises.

“I was the director of this shoot and worked with pretty much every new poppin rap artist in the game,” Sandoval wrote. “I’ll keep it until the 100’s. Bobby was hands down the best artist I’ve ever seen come onto set and shake hands with every person on set. Puffy.”

He went on to call Shmurda a “classic” who “brought out the best in everyone,” from the models who appeared in the video to the janitors to the production assistants. “I don’t care what you say or think about him. If you don’t know Bobby personally, I hope one day you have the chance to meet him to see that he is the most humble and humblest guy. solid.”

Read Damien Sandoval’s full post on Bobby Shmurda below.