Bryan Adams | Bryan Adams wants to direct a movie

Bryan Adams wants to direct a movie.

The 62-year-old singer has also carved out a successful career as a photographer and he believes his skills would be transferable to film as well.

He said: “I would indeed be interested [in making a film]. I can easily see myself as a director of photography, maybe even a director.

“I remember working with Laszlo Kovacs, who did ‘Easy Rider’, on one of my first videos.

“He had a drink around his neck and was constantly watching the cloud formations waiting for the right light. Pure genius!

Bryan believes technological developments have completely changed the landscape of photography.

He told Ramp Style magazine, “With smartphone cameras that can capture every moment, anyone can become a photographer.

“The future will be more interactive and intense, and there will be more cameras documenting everything all the time.

“Police body cameras have infrared capabilities to check your body temperature, there will be more drones… these are just a few examples.

“That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, because we now see the world like never before.

“One of the most important things is that people use their cameras to document atrocities. Everyone is a photojournalist.

“From eco-terrorism to George Floyd, photos and videos have completely changed our world overnight.”

Although he has photographed a range of people and places over the years, it is his portraits of his family that matter most to the “Heaven” hitmaker.

When asked which of his photos said the most about him, he replied, “Photos of my family. I cherish them more than anything.

“I sat down with my grandfather and photographed him when he was 89 years old. We talked about his time as a Royal Engineer during the World Wars. He was so humble. I miss my grandparents terribly.

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