BTS becomes most-watched artist on YouTube with 26.7 billion views

The members of BTS have once again left the military overjoyed with yet another piece of good news. The group has also shared several interesting contents with fans throughout the year. Since the Bangtan Boys’ debut on June 13, 2013, the K-pop group has made sure to entertain their fans with quality videos that have captured hearts like no other. Several official YouTube channels help build community on the popular group’s platform.

BTS promotions

BTS promotions are primarily led by BANGTAN TV, the behind-the-scenes dealbreaker for the group and their content medium. Additionally, HYBE Labels is Septet’s official channel for releasing all music videos and includes those released by multiple artists who fall under the label, including PLEDIS Entertainment, BIGHIT Music, KOZ Entertainment, Source Music, ADOR, BELIFT, and more. However, there’s no doubt that BTS continues to be the channels’ biggest contributor. And now, as mentioned earlier, the Septet brings back good news as they take another step forward.

BTS’ new record

BTS became the actor with the most views on YouTube, as recorded on August 12, 2022. The group amassed 26.7 billion views on all official channels and became the most watched artist of the history of the platform. With that, the Bangtan Boys also overtook Justin Bieber, who now sits second with 26.6 billion views, followed by Ed Sheeran with 26.1 billion. The list also includes Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Shakira, Eminem, Ozuna, and more.


The military is currently excited about the return of RUN BTS after a long break of 10 months. Recently, a clip was shared ahead of the premiere, along with the official teaser which is finally unveiled. Said teaser is titled Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode – Telepathy Part 0. The teaser is sure to get fans excited for the group’s big comeback. As the teaser begins, we can see the seven boys mark the historic day by cheering each other on with a glass of champagne and shouting out the iconic RUN BTS in style! For the uninitiated, the new episode is set to air on August 16, 2022.

Immediately after the announcement of the next episode, the members of BTS broke into their song, also titled RUN BTSfrom their latest anthology album Evidence which fell earlier in June this year. From what we can gather is that said track will be used as the opener for the next season of the show.

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