Cabaret artists Jen Houston and Leanne Borghesi to appear in upcoming feature film and Vil Sublet

Cabaret artists Jen Houston and Leanne Borghesi will soon appear together – not on stage, where everyone longs to see them perform a buddy number, but in a new feature film called eVil Sublet. The indie film written, directed and edited by Allan Piper was created for his wife, Houston, who plays a tenant in an apartment in New York’s East Village – an apartment that’s not just in the e . Vile but that also happens to be evil. Houston, a musical theater actress, singer-songwriter with an impressive resume in a small venue in New York City, and viral video artist known for her parodies of biting political songs has a personal interest in both the horror and movie genres. movie comedy, so Piper, between dates working as chief video editor and camera expert for NOW THIS, wrote the screenplay just for her. When it came time to play roles in the film, Houston immediately suggested bi-coastal cabaret star Leanne Borghesi, whose work Houston has long been a fan of. The two cabaret mates shot scenes for the film in and around New York, but their favorite shoot to date was with iconic Emmy Award-winning actress Sally Struthers, who filmed her part of the film. during a break from his work in the regional theater.

Cabaret artists Jen Houston and Leanne Borghesi to appear in upcoming feature film and Vil Sublet

Today, Piper’s production company, Speakeasy Productions, released a trailer and a crowdfunder designed to bring the project home (a crowdfunder with a hilarious, personalized perk). Houston and Struthers can be seen in the trailer, although Borghesi will feature in the full trailer when it’s released later this month. Speakeasy provided the press release below with all their links.

Cabaret artists Jen Houston and Leanne Borghesi to appear in upcoming feature film and Vil Sublet

Filmmakers promise to ‘ghost’ fans of their horror/comedy

NEW YORK, NY: The filmmakers behind the horror/comedy eVil Subletting have an unusual advantage for the backers of their crowdfunding campaign. While big budget movies often get money from product placement in business, these filmmakers offer “person placement”. $20 contributors will have their faces added as ghosts in the shadow of the eponymous haunted apartment.

eVil Subletting is a dark satire of the affordable housing crisis in the United States. This is the story of a couple from NYC who knowingly move into a haunted apartment in the East Village (AKA, evil) because the the rent is cheap. It features viral videographer Jen Houston (crime after crime), cabaret star Leanne Borghesi (Borghesi’s back), and features screen legend Sally Struthers (Everything in the Family, Gilmore daughters) in his first horror feature.

The film celebrates historically underrepresented groups on screen. Half of the producers are women. Co-writer/producer and Emmy nominee Chris Pearson (Dan vs.) is legally blind. Four of the five lead roles are LGBTQ+ characters played by LGBTQ+ actors. The photo joins the emerging movement led by horror/sci-fi movies and shows like Jakob’s wife, the yellow vests, and Everything everywhere all at once, depict women in their 40s as heroic, sexy power stations. The women of eVil Subletting have 2x more lines than men.

After being delayed by the pandemic, the filmmakers wrapped principal photography near the end of 2021. Their crowdsourcing campaign for post-production funds will continue until May 4. The film is produced by Houston, Beth Ann Mastromarino, Pearson and Piper.

To see the trailer for e Vil Sublet (and become a ghost), visit their Seed and Spark page HERE.

e Vil Sublet can be found online on Twitter HEREinstagram HEREand Facebook HERE.

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