Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Details About First Christmas Movie Since Leaving Hallmark


  • Candace Cameron Bure has revealed she will be starring in a 2022 holiday movie titled A Christmas…Gift.
  • The film will be released in November 2022 on Great American Family.
  • It’s the More complete house the alum’s first film for the network since ending his relationship with the Hallmark Channel earlier this year.
Candace Cameron-Bure | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Former Hallmark Channel star Candace Cameron Bure has shared some details about her debut film for Great American Family. She will play in A Christmas present, which will be released in November 2022. It’s Bure’s first film for the network since she announced her exit from Hallmark earlier this year.

“A Christmas…Present” airs November 2022 on Great American Family

Bure took instagram on September 13 to share the first details of his first film for Great American Family.

“SO EXCITED to announce that Candy Rock Entertainment is underway with their first Christmas movie of the season starring…me,” the actor wrote.

A Christmas gift… will premiere in November 2022 as part of the network’s “Great American Christmas” programming event, which kicks off October 21. In the film, Bure plays a Type-A mother and busy real estate agent named Maggie who spends Christmas with her widowed brother and daughter. Siblings have different expectations for the holiday, but a series of transformative events ultimately help Maggie uncover the true reason for the season.

A Christmas gift… is to slow down enough to recognize what is right in front of our eyes,” Bure said in a statement. “The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season will arrive before we know it, but it’s through the quiet times that we hear God speaking to us, directing our path to what’s most important.”

Candace Cameron Bure played a big role with Great American Family

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Bure has starred in dozens of films for the Hallmark Channel over the years and was the network’s unofficial “Christmas Queen.” But in April, she announced she had signed a new deal with Great American Family that would see her take on a starring role with upstart Hallmark rival.

The More complete house alum will not only star in films for Great American Family, but she will also oversee and curate programming for Great American Family and its sister network Great American Living. Additionally, his company Candy Rock Entertainment develops and produces original content for both channels.

However, some fans didn’t realize that Bure had switched networks.

“Many of you have asked me if I have a new movie coming out on the Hallmark Channel,” she said in a video she recently shared on instagram. “I actually moved to a new channel called Great American Family, so I hope you’ll follow me on Great American Family.

Bure is the most prominent of several Hallmark stars who have jumped ship for Great American Family over the past year. Danica McKellar, Jen Lilley and Trevor Donovan are among other actors who have signed deals with the network, which has positioned itself as a Hallmark alternative with movies that “celebrate faith, family and country.”

What else is happening to Great American Family this Christmas

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Great American Family hasn’t revealed its full slated 2022 holiday movie. However, details of a few other upcoming premieres have leaked in the past few months.

Jill Wagner and Cameron Mathison will star in a tentatively titled film The Christmas Farm. When the heart calls you alum Daniel Lissing and Merrit Patterson will star in a film titled Christmas caterer. And music legend Gladys Knight will star alongside Paul Green and Jessica Lowndes in One day at Christmas. It will be presented in November.

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