Captured Toronto rapper Top5 wanted revenge for murder of his brother: US prosecutor



The Toronto rapper who was wanted for murder before being arrested earlier this month in Los Angeles is a member of a criminal gang that staged a botched attempt to target his brother’s killer, documents leaked during an American extradition hearing.

US authorities claim Top5, real name Hassan Ali, is a member of a group called “Go Getem Gang”, which explains his alleged involvement in the shooting death of an innocent man, Hashim Omar Hashi, 20 , an accounting student shot dead in front of his parking lot in January.

“Ali is a member of a violent Canadian street gang. Canada has charged him with the cold-blooded murder of Hashim Hashi, ”says a US District Attorney’s Office file for the Central District of California.

Hashi was murdered “because he lived in rival gang territory,” the file says. He was mistaken for the person the shooters believed to be the killer of Ali’s brother Said Ali, known as “Foolish,” in 2017, the court filing said.

“Ali then discussed killing people in retaliation for his brother’s death on public social media posts, including one less than three days before the murder,” the file says, adding that Ali is not suspected to be the shooter, but to be a passenger in the same vehicle.

Ali is now in custody in California. He was first charged with aiding and abetting murder, and when the charge turned into first degree murder in May, he allegedly cut his GPS tracking bracelet and fled to the United States using false documents. .

He has since mocked the authorities, proclaimed his innocence via live videos on his social media accounts, and attempted to release new clips.

This is one way for the Los Angeles Police Department to find him, according to a file: “Based on social media posts, US law enforcement believes Ali is in the Los area. Angeles with a person wanted by US law enforcement in connection with a separate homicide.

Ali makes reference to the “Go Getem Gang” in his music, as well as his brother, including lines saying the last person “to speak out on Foolish, he got tough.”

But the names of these gangs can be fleeting, said Dr Anthony Hutchinson, who works with gang members in the Toronto area. Inclusion of lyrics and social media posts as evidence can be factual, but it can also be posture or fiction, he said.

“When we watch a lot of these clips, they’re usually talking about their literal life experience and their lived reality,” he said.

“When you add gangs on top of these killings, it gets a higher level of attention from the courts and the media,” he said.

Hashi was gunned down just before 9 a.m. on January 31, 2021. CCTV shows a gunman rushing from the front passenger side of a black Honda Civic toward the entrance to a North York parking lot.

The US court record indicates that Civic circled the building for about 10 minutes, before passing Hashi’s vehicle and following him to the parking lot.

US authorities have not identified the gunman or driver, but say greater surveillance video allowed Toronto police to track the car and determine there was a third man in the back of the vehicle, which they claim to be Ali.

Lawyers who represented Ali in Toronto have told CTV News Toronto they are unsuccessful, and Ali’s public defender in California court did not respond to appeals.

Canada has 45 days from the date of Ali’s arrest to submit a full extradition request, a spokesperson for the Canadian Department of Justice said.

None of the charges have been proven in court.


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