Celebrate Kid Cudi’s 38th birthday with his hit songs!

A singer Kid Cudi turns 38 today!

The rapper, record producer and actor was born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi on January 30, 1984.

In 2008, Kid Cudi released his debut single “Day ‘n’ Nite” which he first posted on MySpace. The song became an international hit and was featured on his album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day” the following year. In 2017, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified the album double platinum.

Kid Cudi’s career only grew from there!


In 2010, Cudi released his second album, “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager”. The RIAA later certified the album platinum. The album contains singles like “Erase Me” and “Mr. Rage.

In 2012, he formed a rock band called WZRD with his longtime collaborator, Point of genius. Their self-titled debut album debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart.

Cudi has since released the albums “Indicud” in 2013, “Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon” in 2014, “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven” in 2015 and “Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'” in 2016. He has also created a joint album with the rapper Kanye West in 2018 titled “Kids See Ghosts”.

In 2020, Cudi collaborated with the rapper Travis Scott to create the song “The Scotts”, which marked his first number one song on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The same year, Cudi released “Man on the Moon III: The Chosen”. The album was his biggest hit to date, with the RIAA certifying it gold later that same year.

Cudi has sold 22 million records in the United States and been nominated for a Grammy Award five times. He won twice.

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In addition to his music, Cudi has also ventured into acting after appearing on the HBO series “How To Make It In America.” He has since appeared in numerous films, including 2014’s ‘Need for Speed’, 2015’s ‘Entourage’, 2020’s ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’, and 2021’s ‘Don’t Look Up’, in which he starred. performed the Oscars shortlist single “Just Look Up” alongside his co-star Ariana Grande.

He also appeared in several television shows, such as “One Tree Hill”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, and “Westworld”. In 2020, he was cast in the HBO mini-series “We Are Who We Are”.

On her birthday, her fans celebrate her big day by listening to some of their favorite songs!

Day and night

No list of the best Kid Cudi songs would be complete with the song that put him on the map: “Day ‘n’ Night.” Many fans noticed the song playing in the trailer for the new hit Marvel series “Moon Knight”, featuring Oscar Isaac.

“The beauty behind the reasoning for using this song in the Moon Knight trailer,” one fan wrote. “Moon Knight does not know what is true or false. I feel like every day is a dream, but every night is a nightmare. In the music video, Kid Cudi saw things in a different way than the way we see them. Similar to Marc Spector not knowing the difference between reality or his mind playing tricks on him.

“‘He’s all alone day and night’, the lonely nature Marc feels, feeling like no matter who he asks for help, he’ll always feel lonely and abandoned, leaving him with the scariest thing he can be with. The thoughts in his mind. I love this song. Moon Knight is my favorite Marvel character. I’m so excited for March 30thand.”

“This song is the best personification of Moon Knight’s Mark Spectors state,” another fan wrote. “Truly proud of the production team at Marvel for bringing this old masterpiece into the deserved spotlight.”

“In Pursuit of Happiness” with MGMT

Much of Kid Cudi’s music is about his childhood struggling with loneliness and depression. He has also been candid about his struggles with addiction and mental health. The song “Pursuit of Happiness” channels both of these elements and fans love the inspirational hit.

“Cudi has been an inspiration to us who are lonely, depressed and sad,” one fan wrote. “His struggles with addiction, mental health and depression made us believe in each other through the beautiful art of music. Thank you Scott, for inspiring the next generation. We all pursue the pursuit of happiness.

“I played this song at the end of my wedding ceremony, not at the reception, the actual ceremony,” another fan said. “I love this song so much that I wanted everyone in my life to be a part of it for a very appropriate time. This one will forever be in my heart.

“This song is a very rare thing,” another fan commented. “Kid Cudi is vastly underrated.”

Check out more Kid Cudi hits!

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Kid Cudi has released so many great songs that it’s hard to pick just the top three! Listen to more great songs from one of the most prolific artists of the generation!

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