CMT 2021 Artist of the Year recipient: Gabby Barrett


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You never get a second shot to make a first impression. But, of course, that’s not what the old saying goes. However, when it comes to 21-year-old country singer Gabby Barrett’s single “I Hope”, its 27 months of success since its July 2019 debut proves the power of a hit – and an artist – to galvanize people. minds saddened by the pandemic. and achieve a fivefold praise for platinum sales, sparking an impressive celebrity.

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When it comes to Barrett’s success and how he’s boosted her, but in many ways, country music and its fan community during the pandemic, TIME offers the following:

“It seemed like country music itself was going through a rough patch. Reducing the physical spaces where the genre thrives – concert halls and bars; radio and concert tours – emphasized its vulnerability in the virtual realm. Long proud to resist the technological changes that transformed the music industry, the country risked falling even further behind hip-hop and pop, which dominate apps like TikTok and streaming services which now account for 80 % of total music industry revenue.

TIME’s October 28, 2020 feature film titled “The Pandemic May Have Damaged Country Music.” Instead, the genre is booming, ”then made a statement on what was acclaimed by Barrett and his single:“ ‘I Hope’ exploded in popularity, topping Billboard’s top three country charts and becoming the first single from a woman to dominate Billboard’s Country. Table of streaming songs.

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To CMT’s Hit Story, Barrett herself offered, “writing [“I Hope”], I knew the song needed a twist that no one had seen coming. People would think that a song called ‘I Hope’ would be full of hope, but then they hear the music at the beginning is a little strange, so they are interested. [Also], as one of the eight children, I was surrounded by a lot of women growing up, so I saw a lot of relationships unfold in the best way. Fans responded well to [those twists] She adds. They tell me my song has become [them] through divorce or a very bad breakup.

After Barrett’s stratospheric ascent after finishing third in the 16th season of American Idol to “I Hope” – her debut single – being the first top 10 hot country song by an unaccompanied woman since October 2017 is the type of story that keeps fans engaged. However, add that Barrett and her husband, country artist Cade Foehner, also became the proud parents of their first child, daughter, Baylah May, on January 18, 2021, and the story is improving.

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“When I first got married it changed me in different ways. It makes you grow in different ways and then when you have a baby you grow even more,” she told ET Online. The birth of her child also continued her desire to be a beacon of hope for her growing fan base. “My husband and I are very great Christians and we are very firm in our beliefs. There is a term in it. the Christian faith called “dying to yourself” and certainly when you have a baby you learn to die to yourself and it all revolves around them. And it’s actually very useful because you certainly become more selfless and help others in different ways.

As for the hits, they keep coming for Barrett. “The Good Ones” is the second single from his album Goldmine released in June 2020, and similar to “I Hope”, it’s a platinum seller. Additionally, like “I Hope,” she is also a winner of the CMT Music Awards, winning a Country Music Television trophy voted by fans for Female Video of the Year on June 9, 2021. It follows. to a win at the 2020 CMT Music Awards for Breakthrough Video of the Year for the aforementioned “I Hope”.

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As for the extraordinarily fast growing country star’s next step, her third single, released on September 17, “Footprints On The Moon,” premiered on CMT and CMT Music, as well as on the Billboard. Times Square display from ViacomCBS. Barrett is humbled and encouraged by her success, while still being hopeful for the future. “[I’m] crying tears of joy over what happened because I worked so hard, ”she told PEOPLE about her work over the past twelve months. “[It’s] just an overwhelming feeling of gratitude… I’m trying to find… a balance between being a mom and being an artist.

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