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Staff photo by Clay Schuldt It was quiet in the German park on Friday afternoon, but a dance party was raging, sponsored by the New Ulm Wellness Collective and the MRCI. Everyone wore headphones and danced to their own beat.

NEW ULM– There was a Friday afternoon dance party at German Park, but if you didn’t hear it, that was the point.

The Wellness Collective and the MRCI collaborated on a “silent disco” in the middle of the german park. A silent disco is a dance in which participants wear wireless headphones tuned to the same channel. Anyone wearing the headphones can hear the same streaming music, but those without the headphones won’t be disturbed by the noise.

Lori Mathiowetz of The Wellness Collective provided the headphones to attendees. The headphones were equipped with three different channels. This allowed participants to choose between three different song lists and dance to their own tune.

The three music streaming channels were curated by Lori Mathiowetz, Danielle Deopere and Lily Mathiowetz.

Lori Mathiowetz’ playlist consisted of country music. Deopere’s playlist included an eclectic mix of popular music from the 80s and 90s. Lily Mathiowetz played alternative hits from the 90s. The three DJs were ready to accept requests

Lori Mathiowetz said the idea behind the event was to get everyone out there and moving. She said that with three different options for music, everyone can dance, regardless of age or ability.

Since everyone wore headphones, the selection of sound levels was individual. It made for easy conversations during the dance party. Everyone else in the park didn’t have to worry about the music being too loud.

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