DICI presents its most daring video to date, “Flip”, on XS Noize


In “Flip,” DICI’s hook hints at how quickly people switch sides when fame is called into question: People who said he wouldn’t make it now praise his success.

MIAMI, FL, USA, September 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – XS NOIZE PREMIÈRE: VIDEO PREMIERE: The producer and urban-pop rapper DICI unveils himself – Flip

While most high school kids are still finding their way in life, freelance rap artist DICI is on the way to becoming a hit machine. At just 18, the creative visionary produced sonic textures, freestyle rhymes and bass beats throughout his forties, constantly elevating his art. This turmoil saw him gain an international following, where he amassed over 1.5 million streams on YouTube and one million on Spotify in 100 countries. Not only is DICI a talented artist, he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As early as his college years, he sold personalized sneakers to his classmates. Today, the young artist has accomplished what most adults dream of in their lifetime, developing his brand and identity through his label DICI Records LLC. The multi-talented rapper is heating up with the highly anticipated release of his 7-track debut album DOSES.

DICI is a talented storyteller, and it shows through his bar-spitting raps and captivating music videos. With the help of Emmy-winning director and cinematographer Brian Bayerl, DICI unleashes its most daring visual concepts. For his track “Flip”, the rapper bursts into a luxury villa and performs on security camera footage. It alternates between sunny shots in the courtyard with gloomy, cascading lights in the hallways. DICI’s ability to discuss mature concepts of life metaphors from a fresh perspective makes him a unique talent. In “Flip,” DICI’s addicting hook hints at how quickly people switch sides when fame is called into question, how people once said he would never be able to praise his success now. The song and the music video are a true testament to DICI’s creativity and musical genius.

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