Divyanka Tripathi reveals her husband Vivek Dahiya’s reaction to her “Babul Da Vehda” music video

TV Queen Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya has wowed audiences with her outstanding acting and equally stunning looks over the years. After starring in several popular TV shows and reality shows, the actress is now winning hearts with her debut music video “Babul da vehda”.

The song is a painfully sweet track that brings out the right emotions with the voice of Asees Kaur. Composed by Meet Bros, the song says a lot about a father-daughter relationship and is a tribute to all the women who leave their maika after marriage.

When asked what made her agree to sink her toes into a music video, Divyanka said, “I’m always ready for good content, and I think there is no artist. which is limited to whether he wants to be an artist for television or cinema. We never think we are an artist for a particular segment. An artist is always an artist, whether he is doing theater or advertising. Plus, because we don’t depend on any particular platform, whenever we get an opportunity, we grab it. By the time I heard about it, I was completely sold. I thought it was something I wanted to do. I had no reason to say no to him. I felt that if I say no to this, I will certainly regret it in the future.

The ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ actress adds, “I’m glad ‘Babul da vehda’ is my first music video. I made the right choice by choosing this one. I used to get offers often. for music videos, but it was the first song I heard, and my mind was like, “I have to be a part of this one.” As far as the experience goes, it was almost like making a real movie. because luckily there was an emotional storyline that I loved. When we see a random music video, we see people dancing, or there isn’t a relevant storyline behind the song. But in this one, there is good storytelling.

The song was shot entirely in the Punjab, and it was also the actress’ first time filming in the state. “The shooting took place in a setting in the Punjab, and this is the first time that I have a shoot in the Punjab. I loved every moment, especially the people and the food, of course. I heard a lot of good from Punjabi cinema, but it was the first time that I saw the same thing. They are very sorted on what they shoot, they knew what they wanted and filmed this song very nicely and precisely, ”explains Divyanka.

Earlier this week, just before the song’s release, Divyanka asked her fans to watch her with tissue paper because she’s emotional.

When asked if she got emotional after watching the video, she replied, “Well let me not talk about myself because I am very critical as an artist. Any job I do, I don’t like it for at least three years (laughs). Now when I see my scenes in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, I love it so much. I actually started to like my old shows now, but when they are freshly shot I tend to find mistakes in them. But as far as this song goes, I found it wonderful, and that guarantee came when I showed the video to others. When I watched Vivek (Divyanka’s husband), which is my best reviewer, he was in tears, and that was the first approval I got that what we created is really cool.

Divyanka’s family also loved the clip. “After the song came out, my sister, my parents and everyone got emotional. I think it’s not easy to make someone cry. You can pretend you’re laughing, but making someone cry is difficult. So luckily I get all these great videos from family and friends affected by this song, ”she adds.

When asked if the song’s wedding and bidaai sequences reminded her of her parents or her bidaai, Divyanka replied, “Well, to be honest this clip was very emotional for me because I didn’t didn’t cry during my bidaai. I already knew my husband and the family I was going to; I had time to understand them. So during the filming, it was a foreign feeling for me.

This clip was very moving for me because I did not cry during my bidaai

Divyanka Tripathi

Elaborating on how she prepared for it, Divyanka shares, “I had no experience with it, and that’s why I had to go to the depths. I watched countless YouTube videos just to get it. an idea of ​​how a girl cries during bidaai.I also studied what families go through at that time and as a result, I was able to achieve this even though it was hard work for me. During the filming for this, from morning till night, I was so exhausted, and it might sound weird, but I was throwing up on the way home after filming because I was so emotional.

In the song, Divyanka’s character shares a close bond with her father, which is expressed deeply during the bidaai scene. “My father has always been very protective of me. I think all the strength that I have today or whatever I have achieved or aspired to be is just because of my daddy. When I was born people would say, “Beti hui hai”, but my father would say “Ye beti kisi bete se kam nahin hai”. Even now, if difficulties arise, the first call I get is from my dad, ”she concludes.

Asked about her upcoming projects, Divyanka says, “I’m open to good content. I’ve heard a lot of good scripts and bad ones too (laughs) and so far I haven’t decided which project I’m going to do. next. I’m looking for content that will take my creativity to the next level and I would love to be a part of it. “

Posted on: Saturday January 08, 2022, 7:00 a.m. IST

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