DJ Bravo is rocking fans with his new music video Dum Laga Ke.



Over the years, Bollywood music has developed in all its aspects. People all over the world have shown their love for the Indian music industry. We have seen several international musical artists collaborate with Indian artists and surprise fans with something special. This can only happen when artists from different sectors and musical genres have the same passion for music.

World famous cricketer, Dwayne Bravo a.k.a DJ Bravo has a particular interest in music. Besides his professional cricket career, DJ Bravo has released a few music videos that have captured hearts around the world. Bravo has a large number of fans in India not only because of cricket but also because of its music. In 2019, DJ Bravo collaborated with the dancer and choreographer, Shakti Mohan for a very groovy clip ‘The Chamiya song‘. Fans absolutely loved the song because it had a great vibe and matched it.

Bravo recently teamed up with Ankit Tiwari, King of ashes, and Nakash Aziz among other musical artists for a new clip, Dum Laga Ke Bum Hila. The song was composed by an international hip-hop artist, Raool and will feature DJ Bravo. The song explores the cultural flavors of three different continents, Goa, London and Trinidad, and has a very energetic and vibrant vibe.

From the music to the choreography, all of the artists did a fantastic job in this clip. I love the track and can’t wait to hear more new songs from this talented group of people.


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