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Before Felix “xQc” Lengyel, there was another major Felix in the content creation game: Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. For a while, you couldn’t go on YouTube — or the internet, really — without seeing PewDiePie’s name, from his own videos to controversy to breaking records. But we don’t hear the catchphrase “it’s PewwwwwwDiePie” as clearly as before. Does PewDiePie still make videos? What happened to PewDiePie?

A quick look on YouTube will show you that PewDiePie is alive and well. He currently has over 111 subscribers on his channel, where he still uploads almost daily. PewDiePie’s content hasn’t changed too much, still ranging from personal vlogs to video game sessions. Through it all, PewDiePie retained the same humor, even the same way of speaking.

Watching the latest videos from PewDiePie instantly immerses you in the 2010s effortlessly. Although his editing is different and the quality has improved, you can’t help but remember all those early videos that made PewDiePie famous, including “you laugh, you lose” challenges and videos of him shouting to a not so scary video games.

Is PewDiePie still popular on YouTube?

Well yeah.

According to Statistics, PewDiePie’s subscriber count never really dwindled. It constantly increased. But the charts will show you that its growth has slowed dramatically. Since around April 2021, the blue line representing its number of subscribers has remained fairly stable between 110 and 111 million.

That’s still an impressive number, of course. But it’s safe to say that PewDiePie no longer has the same draw as before. Her recent videos are getting around 2.5-4.5 million views which is also impressive. But years ago, PewDiePie often reached insane numbers that YouTubers can only dream of, like “FUNNY EDIT #2from eight years ago with 72 million views. And even a video from 2019 getting over 51 million views for playing Minecraft.

Is PewDiePie the YouTuber with the most subscribers?

No more.

PewDiePie is known for many things. controversies. Video games. But one of his biggest stunts was competing with a channel called T-Series to become the most subscribed YouTube channel of all time.

T-Series is an Indian YouTube channel that also had tens of millions of subscribers. The channel even overtook PewDiePie at one point in 2019, but PewDiePie’s massive support from fans and other popular content creators helped him topple the popular music channel. PewDiePie even made a diss track featuring an infamous internet phrase etched in everyone’s mind forever.

But in the end, the T-series won. The channel currently has over 206 million subscribers, which is way more than PewDiePie. In fact, PewDiePie is currently sixth, behind generic channels like YouTube Movies, Music, and CocoMelon Nursery Rhymes.

Still, he’s the first actual content creator on the list, which is something.

Is PewDiePie rich?

But let’s be honest, PewDiePie probably doesn’t care that his videos are “only” getting around 5 million views right now or that T-Series won. Well one, because 5 million is still a lot. And two, because PewDiePie is already rich.

PewDiePie is estimated at $40-50 million by multiple sources. It’s thanks to its crazy audience, ad revenue, donations, merchandise, sponsorships, and more. Remember, PewDiePie has been doing this YouTube thing forever.

PewDiePie may not be as huge as he was years ago, but he still lives on as one of the most iconic content creators of our generation. Like influencers who have followed, PewDiePie hasn’t been afraid to talk about YouTube policies (and YouTube Rewinds) and politics.

Over time, PewDiePie has cooled down a bit. He recently moved to Japan with his wife, one of his dreams. This resulted in a lot of vlogging content, giving fans a better insight into her life and relationship. When he’s not talking about his life, PewDiePie has been doing reaction videos and gaming sessions, which he’s been doing since 2010.

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