Ed Sheeran debuts “Overpass Graffiti” at “Tiny Desk (Home)” concert [Full Video]


Ed sheeran appeared as the featured musical guest on this week’s edition of NPR Music‘s Small office concert (at home) video series. The British star performed his five-song set from a study with a backing band hosted by a critically-acclaimed producer, songwriter and music director Adam Black Stone.

While Sheeran has grown used to performing in front of tens of thousands of fans around the world, this performance was unique for the four-time Grammy winner. In most cases, Sheeran performs alone on stage, using only a microphone, his trusty guitar, and a looping machine. His Small office concert (at home), however, saw Sheeran perform with a cast of 15 world-class musicians, including mastermind himself, Adam Blackstone, on bass guitar.

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Sheeran began her performance with her new single, “Shivers”, from the upcoming = (Equal) album, scheduled for October 29 via Atlantic Records. The extensive backing group helped take “Shivers” to new heights, making it very different from the studio version and the interpretation heard when Sheeran was seated with it. Cold game earlier this month. Accompanied by horns, backing vocals and a full suite of percussion instruments, “Shivers” took on new life as Sheeran sang and strummed his guitar.

The true uniqueness of this performance, however, became evident with “Make It Rain”. Without horns and Sheeran’s acoustic guitar, the pop star had only one job on this song: singing. Sheeran’s soulful vocals took center stage as the song overflowed with waves of vocal energy. Choirs Whitney smith, Melissa Best, Trainer Antia, Raphael Smith, Melanie Watson, and Kyron Elcock gained momentum when the song peaked, bursting with the song’s titular and sultry chorus, “Make it rain.”

After a nonchalant “Okay that was fun”, from a smiling Sheeran came a special debut of “Overpass Graffiti”, which is set to appear on the next one. = (Equal) save. Underlined by the percussions and the keys of Terence vaughn, “Overpass Graffiti” channels Sheeran’s 80s pop influences. An upbeat song about Eternal Love, this song saw Blackstone revert to his acoustic bass and move around a bit during the short stint through the new single. He even expressed his approval at the song’s conclusion, saying, “It’s my jam”, before switching to a double bass for “Visiting Hours”.

“Visiting Hours,” yet another single from her upcoming album, heard Sheeran sing about the loss of a dear friend. The downtempo track contained tasteful accents of Rayfield hollomanguitar with steel pedals, while vocals remained the real focus. Once again, the backing singers have created a wall of sound on their own, adding deep layers to the song which has a strong focus on lyricism.

Sheeran then adjusted his acoustics and prepared for the final song and yet another = (Equal) single, the hit “Bad Habits”, a song about recognizing and dealing with bad decisions. Perhaps more than ever before in the set, Blackstone’s bass led the song with the eight-piece group to its conclusion.

Watch Ed Sheeran play on NPR Small office concert (at home) with soul group led by Adam Blackstone below, and head over here for more info on his upcoming studio album, = (Equal).

Ed Sheeran – Small office concert (at home)

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