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25 years ago

Mandeville City Council disagreed last week over the fate of the legendary Dew Drop Inn, a crumbling building on Lamarque Street that once hosted New Orleans jazz greats.

Council Speaker Denis Bechac asked for a resolution to allow Mayor Eddie Price to negotiate a price for the 102-year-old structure in hopes the city could by the building and move it to the new Tammany Trace trailhead for conversion into a music museum with public restrooms…While Council members Jack McGuire and Adelaide Boettner were in favor of saving the landmark, they were against moving the structure…Mcguire opposed pay a high price for the structure.

The current owner is asking for $50,000 for the building or $75,000 for the building and the land. McGuire noted that it was sold for $6,000 in 1980 and the owner asked for $60,000 several years ago.

“I don’t think it’s fair for the taxpayers of the city to provide someone with a windfall financial benefit,” he said. McGuire is against moving the building as he believes historical monuments should remain in their original location.

50 years ago

The Mandeville Chamber of Commerce has set Wednesday, March 8 as the date for a public hearing on the 70-acre rental project along Bayou Castine in Fontainebleau State Park. for a marina and other recreational units. Fontainebleau Development Corp, a private company, is the potential tenant, the State being the lessor.

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The session will be held in the Mandeville High School gymnasium at 7:30 p.m. according to Ted Moses, Vice President of the Mandeville Chamber and chairman of this meeting…The lease of the state park land was met with considerable opposition when it was returned public for several weeks. shortly after the opening of the bids. Fontainebleau Development Corp. was the only bidder, at $600 per month fixed fee, plus a percentage of winnings.

75 years ago

On Saturday afternoon last week, a catastrophic fire leveled the home of WP Barringer near Lacombe on Lakeside Road. The house and most of its contents are a total loss. At the time of the fire, Mr. Barringer was not at home, but was on his way there after a trip to the swamp. As he approached his home, he could see the house being consumed by flames. Barringer’s Place was one of the finest houses in this section. It was constructed from pure pine wood, something that is no longer available.

100 years ago

MADISONVILLE NOTES – Brick Chatellier, an active and awake member of the Junior Progressive Workers Club, had three of his club pigs shot down in close sequence over the past two weeks. The pigs weighed 350 lbs, 300 lbs and 375 lbs, dressed, respectively, and were on average 9 months old. The pigs were of good breed and were given to Brick by his father, MBJ Chatellier, and came from Mr. Chatellier’s breeding farm on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain, where he currently has 250 pigs.

125 years ago

Kansas man, presumably populist, proposes taxing single people $100 for every year they are over 22, and put them in penitentiary at 30.

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