Frederick’s homicide victim’s backpack on display on day 3 of trial


October 30 – White Russian cigars, an iPhone 11 box, a pair of men’s underwear, multi-colored socks, a black fanny pack and other items believed to have belonged to a deceased man were on display in a dining room on Friday. Frederick County hearing.

They were part of the contents of a red and black backpack presented as evidence by the prosecution in the homicide trial of 29-year-old resident Frederick Jordan B. Hooks. A police officer told the jury on day three of trial that the backpack was once the possession of 19-year-old Jaemari A. Anderson died after being shot in the Waterside community of Frederick on September 6, 2020.

Sgt. Joseph McCallion of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office testified on Friday that he responded to Waterside in the early hours of September 7, 2020. McCallion said he found Anderson’s backpack in the basement of Hooks’ house in the 8000 block of Waterview Court after Hooks offered a description. Hooks and Anderson were supposedly friends and hung out at Hooks’ home with others before the shooting, according to police charge documents. A conflict within the group would have led Hooks and Anderson to agree to fight on the outside.

Putting on black gloves in court, McCallion removed items from the backpack that he said were found at the Hooks residence. A Ziploc bag with what the sergeant called a “green leafy substance”, a lighter, a pair of predominantly gray athletic shorts, deodorant, cocoa butter product, and a digital scale were also removed from the bag. backpack.

One of the defense attorneys, Kevin Watkins, urged Detective Jacob Jersild, also of the Sheriff’s Office, about when the police told the occupants of the Hooks residence that they could not move freely in their residence without the presence of the police. A search warrant is said to be pending. Jersild struggled to pin down an almost exact time in response to Watkins’ question.

During a tense moment in cross-examination, Watkins suggested that Jersild had answers for prosecutors but could barely answer questions from the defense, prompting an objection from the Frederick County State Attorney’s Office, which Judge Julia A. Martz-Fisher argued. And later, when Jersild started to answer another time-related question, Watkins seemed to get frustrated.

“You know how we operate on this planet,” Watkins told Jersild, who responded after the judge intervened, noting that the detective was trying to respond.

Looking to the future, what will happen in the trial will likely revolve around the connection between the alleged murder weapon and Hooks.

Before jurors entered court on Friday, Martz-Fisher heard arguments from the defense as to why they believed certain video and audio evidence from cellphones should be excluded from the trial. The videos in question show who prosecutors say Hooks are gesturing with a handgun in the 48 hours leading up to the shooting.

Deputy State Attorney Timothy Gilbert said the state intended to call an eyewitness who could identify the weapon and speak to it after the shooting, in addition to at least a police expert.

Conversely, Watkins said “there is no way to tell” that the weapon alleged in the videos is the same as the homicidal weapon, and he called the content irrelevant. Watkins likened the clips to inferior rap videos. Videos shown in court on Thursday, out of the jury’s sight (as is typical for this type of motion), showed Hooks and others gesturing with supposed weapons, money, and dancing to music. .

“They laugh, keep going,” Watkins said. “No plan is made to do anything to anyone.”

Gilbert “absolutely” disagreed with Watkins’ suggestion that the alleged weapon in the video cannot be linked to the murder weapon.

Martz-Fisher will wait to decide whether the videos and audio in question can be used in the trial, saying now is not the time to decide. The trial is scheduled to resume Monday morning.

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