Frieze Los Angeles 2022: A Guide to LA Art Fairs and Exhibits

Frieze Los Angeles makes a sunny comeback: Here’s what to see

In a welcome ray of California sunshine, Frieze Los Angeles returns (February 17-22, 2022) after a two-year hiatus. Read our guide to the fair and our ongoing picks of the best art exhibits to see in LA during the sunny festivities

Southern California is experiencing something of a gold rush in art galleries. Over the past quarter, a flurry of names traditionally rooted in the East Coast announced new outposts in Los Angeles, including Pace, Lisson, Sean Kelly and The Hole, just in time for a housewarming party timed by Frieze LA .

From February 17 to 20, Frieze Art Fair will host its third edition after a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19. Other notable changes to the order of service include moving from its former location at Paramount Studios in Hollywood to a new space in Beverly Hills designed by architect Kulapat Yantrasast and helmed by newly appointed director Christine Messineo. ‘Frieze Los Angeles promises to be a site for ambitious artistic presentations and significant collaborations that showcase the expansive and varied nature of the city. After missing out on a fair in 2021, this year gives us so much to celebrate — not only our new location at the iconic Beverly Hilton, but also renewed opportunities for artistic discovery and patronage,” she says.

Frieze Art Fair: highlights

In addition to the fair’s main presentations of solo, dual and thematic exhibitions, at the heart of this year’s program is a collaboration with artist Tanya Aguiñiga, who has curated a new project, BIPOC Exchange as part of the Frieze Projects program. . Held adjacent to the fair at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the initiative will include a special section highlighting the work of ten LA artist-led social impact initiatives: People’s Pottery Project, Tierra Del Sol, AMBOS, Las Fotos Project, Classroom of Compassion, Tequio Youth/MICOP, Contra Tiempo, GYOPO, Los Angeles Poverty Department and Urban Voices Project.

Elsewhere, the winner of the Deutsche Bank Frieze Los Angeles Film Award – presented in partnership with Endeavor Content and Ghetto Film School will be announced, and the Focus LA section will spotlight 11 of the city’s most dynamic young galleries, emerging or less. -known artists pushing the limits of their materials or their subject.

For the RUin.ART 2022 Commission, artist and activist Suzanne Husky will present a participatory installation entitled Beaverly Hills Dam!, exploring and honoring the essential role the North American beaver plays in the Californian ecosystem. The work, which takes the form of an installation activated by live events, “will call attention to the generosity and world-building characteristics of beavers, and consider the animal as a radical ally of agriculture. regenerative and as a spiritual teacher,” as Husky puts it.

Frieze Los Angeles 2022: exhibitions to see in the city

Exhibition: Kazuhito Kawai ‘I Gotta Feeling’
Location: Steve Turner
Dates: until March 12, 2022

Liposomal Vitamin C2021 glazed ceramic

Kasama-based Japanese artist Kazuhito Kawai’s solo exhibition “I Gotta Feeling” features new ceramic works ranging from monochrome to bright, electric colors. For the March 2022 issue, writer Minako Norimatsu spoke to the rising star ceramic artist about her deliberately distorted kaleidoscopic creations. Kawai’s otherworldly works draw inspiration from everything from plastic surgery to J-pop and 1990s culture, fashion and film. still to be created,” he says. “I was not destined to make ordinary pottery, and my hands chose to warp the vessels into something non-functional.”

Exhibition: ‘Everyday Rituals’
Location: 322 South Broadway (2nd floor)
Date: February 17-22, 2022

Installation view of ‘Everyday Rituals’. Image courtesy of Max Farago

Contrary to cultural trends, “Everyday Rituals” is a celebration of accomplished creators; those who have spent decades refining their practice. A curatorial collaboration between Alex Tieghi-Walker of Tiwa Select and Max Farago of Farago, the exhibition features two- and three-dimensional works in a variety of media, including ceramic and metal, textile and wood, paper and the Web. Curiously, many of the works presented were not created to be exhibited in a formal artistic environment, but in utilitarian, spiritual, public or private spaces. Featured artists include Jim McDowell (Asheville NC, b.1954), Andrée Singer Thompson, Louis Mueller, Mary Ann Pettway, Sandú Darié and Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

Olafur Eliasson ‘Your light spectrum and your presence’
Location: Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
Dates: until April 2, 2022

Olafur Eliasson, Color experiment no. 108, 2020 Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Tanya Bonakdar. Gallery, New York / Los Angeles

In 2009, Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson began creating circular paintings inspired by a new comprehensive color theory encompassing all visible colors of the prism. Working with a color chemist, he mixed the exact tone of paint for each nanometer of light in the spectrum. As the artist said, “Geometrically speaking, a rainbow is actually a circle. If the earth were not in your path, if there were no horizon blocking your view, you would see the whole rainbow round like a perfect circle wrapping around you, with your eye in its center. “Your Spectrum of Light and Your Presence”, an exhibition of 12 new works at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery offers a deep optical dive into Eliasson’s study of light in his painting practice. §

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