Greener records are here: Michael Stipe and Beatie Wolf featured on first bioplastic vinyl

Musicians have a greener way of making their records now than evolution music offers PVC-free bioplastic pressings. Michael Stipe and Beatie Wolfe are the first two artists to release music on this non-fossil vinyl option. The 12″ disc features two tracks: Stipe’s “Future If Future” (which Brian Eno produced) and Wolfe’s “Oh My Heart” (absolutely lovely). Sales are limited to 500 copies and support EarthPercent.

Beatie Wolfe awaits first pressings / image: Ross Harris

Michael Stipe: “I’m thrilled to be working with EarthPercent and Evolution Music on this release, imagining positive innovation through action. Just showing that this kind of solution-based project is possible paves the way to a better future..”

Beatie Wolfe: “It has been fantastic to partner with EarthPercent on the environmental front and for this very special outing with Michael Stipe. I’m constantly thinking about how we can take the best of old and new, connect the tangible and the digital, and reclaim as much as we innovate and this new eco-friendly vinyl is the perfect embodiment of that. I wrote “Oh My Heart” as a cry for the planet and humanity and it was recently encoded in glass and included in the Global Music Vault in Svalbard to be preserved for 10,000 years. So I couldn’t think of a better way to have it tangibly in the world right now.

Pictures: Beatie Wolfe and Ross Harris (used with permission)

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