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Guns N ‘Roses has released the studio version of’ ABSURD ‘.

Axl Rose and his colleagues gave the reworked version of “Silkworms” its live debut at Fenway Park in Boston earlier this week, and they’ve now made it available to stream.

‘Silkworms’ was featured on the 2008 album ‘Chinese Democracy’, but dates back to 2001.

Meanwhile, fans are still waiting to see when the band’s comeback album “November Rain” will be released.

Ax-slayer Slash previously revealed that he kept himself busy during the coronavirus lockdown by writing new music for Guns’ N Roses and he also jammed with his bandmates Axl and bassist Duff McKagan, separately.

He said: “I was pretty much a homebody, but I went back and forth between my studio in the house and wrote and recorded a lot on my own.

“I jam with Duff and jam with Axl and did stuff like that, so we did work that way. But I didn’t do much else. I didn’t do any collaboration with the strange artists and so on. [I’m] basically I just focus on writing new music, recording demos and recording guitar stuff for Guns and so on. “

Prior to that, Slash said he was “really excited” about the new material and that the songwriting process involved everyone when they were in town together.

He said in 2019: “We only do this race [of shows] in the United States and a few dates in Mexico at the end of this month until November. And that’s all for GUNS for now. And I think we have something coming up in March when it comes to touring. Obviously everyone knows we’re working on new material, which is really exciting, and so that’s mostly what we’re focusing on.

“Everyone’s been sort of, when we’re in town, working on it. And then when we’re out of town, obviously not. So it’s been that sort of thing.”


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