Holly Humberstone releases “Scarlett” music video



Holly Humberstone has released her new single “Scarlett”, the latest offering from her upcoming EP, The Walls Are Way Too Thin. Produced by longtime collaborator Rob Milton, the track is sort of a tipping point, conveying the end of a toxic relationship where all you have left is false hope.

Although sung from a first person perspective, “Scarlett” was written about a prolonged breakup that her friend was going through. Balancing a polarity of catchy melodies and sharp lyrics, the song feels like you’re constantly chasing someone who is always just right out of your reach. It is a significant avenue for emerging talents. Watch the video below.

The accompanying video shows Holly in the back of a semi-truck as her best friend Scarlett drives them both at 45 miles per hour on an empty airport runway. Directed by Raja Virdi, the visual sums up the freedom and empowerment you feel after leaving a toxic relationship. Holly continues to push the boundaries as she does all of her own stunts. Whether it’s walking the bed of a moving truck or crawling through flaming vents, she makes sure to match the energy of each of her songs with music videos at a time. cinematic and evocative.

The British artist’s highly anticipated second EP, The Walls Are Way Too Thin, is due out on November 5, 2021 via Darkroom / Interscope / Polydor Records. The six-track EP features his recently released 1975 song “Please Don’t Leave Just Yet”, co-written and co-produced by Matty Healy, as well as the incredibly moving debut single “Haunted House” and the title track ” The walls are way too thin. ” This EP marks an evolution for Holly in which loss accompanies growth, and figuring out who you are means finding out who you aren’t.

Watch the music video for “Scarlett”:


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