Hollywood Cash is ready to take over the music industry


Published on October 1, 2022 |
by Paul Hernández

We had the phenomenal opportunity to sit down and talk with hip-hop artist Hollywood Cash. Born on April 6, 1991, Hollywood quickly made a name for itself and became famous. He’s a seasoned rapper and entertainer, but Hollywood is also a business model. Along with that, he tells us that he has been making music since 2010 and took the game by storm with his debut single “Mr. Mode”.

Hollywood says its influence comes from artists like Fabolous, Mase, Loon and Cassidy. He clarifies them as street rappers who can also make hit records that women love. He says this is his path and his target audience. Another aspect of his creative genius comes from his music videos. Hollywood tells us that it usually has a vision for its songs, but is also open to suggestions from its producers. Be sure to stay up to date with his music and videos because you definitely won’t want to miss what Hollywood is up to next!

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