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Bimbo Daramola

In addition to the many awards instituted to recognize and reward the creative efforts that have impacted the country, Bridge Concept Managing Director Bimbo Daramola believes it’s time to take a look at the artists in the skit.

They are raw artists who use separate social media platforms to educate and inform Nigerians, using the vehicle of entertainment. In Nigeria, they are called Instagram influencers or YouTaube but Daramola calls them sketch artists, and according to him, they are just as ripe to be recognized.

He said: “The wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought its ups and downs and in the midst of it all, the Nigerian skit industry has flourished with many creative minds bringing creative content into skits. which have now attracted the attention and admiration of many. “

According to him, efforts are at high gear for the creation of the Nigerian Skits Industry Awards (NSIA) brand. Speaking on the awards, Daramola said it was a project put forward by Bridge Concept, a communications company that has come to recognize “the undeniable efforts of young Nigerians, their passion, creativity and their determination; young people who have changed the entertainment landscape through creative audiovisual presentations that have further consolidated our place in the world of the arts in Africa.

He added, “We see that gradually these people have crept into our national consciousness, especially the entertainment industry and apparently today they are redefining it. No one can negotiate that they did this by passing boot straps and shoe laces without any support or help from anyone and today they have made their mark in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

He said, “It is our collective efforts that will allow this industry to thrive and produce actively engaged youth. So there will be no place to use them for acts of violence in society.

Listing the impacts of sketch artists on society, he identified the heavy message delivered by witty vehicles, which he noted, are relevant to everyday life.

“Thanks to this industry, thousands of jobs have been created, livelihoods assured and many inspiring talents discovered.

For example, Debo Adedayo whose stage name is Mr. Macaroni, who portrays the character of an old man flirting in his skits. At the end of each episode, you learn moral lessons condemning the act of flirting. Even Emmanuelle’s little comedy sketches also showed that age is not a barrier to success, ”he said.

Daramola said her decision to recognize and reward skits was born out of a passion to inspire young people. According to him, Nigeria is a nation where people hardly believe that those who engage in positive works should be praised until the initiative for awards in various sectors such as the Nigerian Media Awards and the Nigerian Music. Awards were born. He believed that prior to this public recognition and recognition was lacking.

“If the skits don’t have an impact, why do many Nigerians, including prominent names, watch them? It also transformed the fortunes of some of these artists.

“I believe if we reposition this form of entertainment and redirect their minds to be more confident in their skills, talent and creativity, we risk losing the trend down the line. It must therefore be institutionalized.

He said: “The annual recognition aims to further create a more structured industry and, with this, to open more opportunities for young people to discover and develop their talents and to enjoy the advantages that are due to them in the industry” , adding, “It will also open doors for more support and discovery from individuals, corporations and government. It will increase their value in the industry driven creativity as achieved in the industry. entertainment industry around the world.

According to him, “It will also generate external awareness from outside Nigeria and institute an Industry Support Program (ISES) from financial to technical.” He noted that while there will be multiple award categories, the number of winners remains to be determined as nominations continue. The event does happen in November, however.

While saying that the nomination is not yet closed, he noted: “We do not yet have the expected number of people as the recognition awards will be determined by Nigerians who will vote by SMS for the different arts according to the nine. main headings including content, consistency, costumes, characterization, contextual relevance, delivery and interpretation, social evil, correct production, funniest skit as well as best skit production in different categories.

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