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The carriage from Laff N ‘Lyon to Sherman can accommodate 14 riders.

FINDLEY LAKE – Even COVID-19 couldn’t stop Laff N ‘Lyon ranch on its growth plan. It could only slow him down a bit.

Laff N ‘Lyon, owned by Aaron and Melissa Lyon at Sherman, is best known today for its horse-drawn wagon rides and for its recent creation “Glamping opportunities”. But the ranch is on its way to becoming much more.

“The ranch is a work in progress”, said Mélissa Lyon. She noted that it not only offers wagon rides for public places, but it also leans towards private events such as birthdays and family reunions.

Laff ‘n’ Lyon Ranch was incorporated as a state-owned company in 2019 and is growing according to plan, Lyons said

The couple will bring their cart to Findley Lake for Christmas through the village celebration. Walks will be offered on Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The wagon can accommodate up to 14 people.

Melissa Lyon of Laff N ‘Lyon Ranch is pictured greeting 13-year-old workhorses Sammy and Susie, who pull the wagon to Findley Lake for the Christmas celebrations through the village. Photos of David Prenatt

Of course, their 13-year-old spotted workhorses Sammy and Susie will do the leg work. For them, Christmas in the village of Findley Lake will actually mean walking through the village over and over again.

“This event has always been great” said Lyon. “It’s a small town and Findley Lake is like our neighbor.”

Lyon noted that the course could be different this year, but it will be roughly the same distance so anyone who wants to ride will have the opportunity. “We can try to go on route 426 and then come back” she said.

Lyon said they were following current guidelines regarding COVID restrictions. These guidelines recommend that people who are not fully immunized wear a mask.

“We are a fully vaccinated team”, said Lyon. “Since it’s outside in the open air and the wagon is very big, it’s easier. We are not asking for proof. It’s on an honor system.

The couple have just started offering trolley rides for private services, Lyon said. They booked a wedding at the Institution Chautauqua in the fall and Lyon said that although it is a little more difficult, she hopes to go in that direction. “I will probably be doing marketing next year” she said. “In the spring I think you’ll see more programming of private walks, off the ranch.”

The couple diversified the ranch, Lyon said. In addition to the carriage rides, they started to offer a Glamping experience or “Glamorous camping” on the ranch. “One thing we did last summer was put up some Glamping tents”, she said. “It went very well.”

The ranch has a standing reservation for wagon rides during the First Friday celebrations in Westfield. These events take place on the first Friday of each month, June through September, and feature live music, artists, games, wine, and food. However, the cart rides are a big draw.

However, the real purpose of Laff N ‘Lyon Ranch is not only to provide cart rides or an outdoor experience, but to help foster the connection between people and horses, Lyon said. “I think horses are one of those animals that are incredibly sensitive to human emotions,” she said. “Every day I learn something new from them.”

Lyon said they were careful to choose their horses according to their temperament. Each of the horses of the couples gives off a “Gentle and curious mind”. They recently bought two new mini horses named Charlie and Tonga and hope to have foals born at the ranch in the spring, she said.

“I have no more grandchildren now” said Lyon. “We are trying to diversify the ranch so that the grandchildren can have more fun. “

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