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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands keep expanding World of warcraft‘s already massive worldbuilding. New in-game items and collectibles have been added to the mix, which also means there are new tasks and puzzles waiting to be solved. While unlocking the Harmonic Chest is easy, it will require some cooperation and caution on the part of the player if they plan to walk away with the loot.

The Harmonic Chest is one of the many new treasures to be discovered in Shadowlands. There is no quest attached to it, but the process can be tedious if the player doesn’t have what they need.

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Find the Harmonic Chest

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Ardenweald

Locating the harmonic chest is not difficult. It is located northeast of Tirna Vaal in the upper part of Ardenweald. Curious players will find that the chest cannot be opened. The key cannot be looted or found on enemies, or in another chest. Rushing to other continents won’t do the player any good either.

The revelation is that the key, or rather keys, are right next to the harmonic chest itself.

Unlock the lock

world of warcraft shadowlands harmonic chest keys

If the player looks closely, he will see a drum with purple leaves for the striking heads and a small gray harp with a bluish glow. The harmonic chest does not open with a Wow key, but it will respond to the sound of music.

However, a single player cannot play one instrument and rush to another. When they click, a green distribution bar appears. If the player becomes detached, the process will be interrupted and the music of an instrument will stop. So, to open the chest, there must be two players.

Have someone play the harp while another plays the drums. Finally, the the chest will open to be looted. This must be done before it closes. Players who choose the harp are closer to the chest, but the distance shouldn’t make much of a difference if the drummer responds quickly enough. The Harmonic Chest will also stay open for a few seconds, giving both players plenty of time if they are careful.

The good news is these are characters from different World of warcraft the factions can work together to open the chest.

The bad news is that once the instruments have been interacted, the player can no longer interact with them. For example, if the harp player loots the chest but not the drummer, then neither can replay the instruments. They will need other players who have never interacted with the instruments to open it for them.

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The loot

Inside the harmonic chest is a Fae harp and one Songwood Stem. The Fae Harp is a unique toy object that plays a melody when clicked. The Songwood Stem is a secondary item that grants +64 Intellect, +35 Stamina, +15 Critical Strike, and +29 Haste. The two items are linked when picked up and can only be used by levels 48+.

The rest of the booty is a Brokerage coin and 5x Misty Shimmering Leaf, which infuses 5 Anima stored in the Covenant tank.

Not everyone will be happy with the contents of the Harmonic Chest. Before heading to Ardenweald, players need to decide if it’s worth the trip, and if they should spend time hunting down another player to unlock the chest.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is available now on PC.

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