iMessage, Music, iCloud and other Apple services are down

Outages are reported in various Apple services via detection sites and on social networks.

It looks like Apple is having issues with many of its live online services. According to recent reports on various channels, apps like iMessage, Music, iCloud and other Apple services are experiencing outages in which users are unable to sign in or access their content on any of the above apps. Despite this, Apple’s own server health monitors seemed to confirm that things were working normally well after the first outages were reported.

Outages affecting Apple services such as iMessage and Music began to be reported fairly recently on various Twitter accounts, but DownDetector also shows that products like Apple Music also saw a spike in outages. The same spike in reported outages can be seen across Apple Maps, iCloud, App Store, iMessage, Apple Support, and Find My Phone. Where originally Apple’s Server Status website claimed everything was working fine, it is now also showing signs of these failures.

According to DownDetector, a number of Apple services have seen a sudden increase in outage reports.
According to DownDetector, a number of Apple services have seen a sudden increase in outage reports.

It should be noted that the outages do not seem to affect all users. Some users have reported returning access to the Apple services and apps listed above. Some claimed they never felt the blackout at all. It’s highly possible that Apple will fix the issue as we speak, so it’s likely that services will return sporadically in various regions and for various customers. Whether or not this was a deliberate DDoS attack aimed at targeting Apple and its customers or simply a failure of server systems somewhere is also unknown at this time. However, now that Apple’s automated systems have detected the errors and glitches, it shouldn’t take long for the issue to be resolved.

Service outages on major networks like Apple are responded to fairly quickly. This was the case with a similar widespread outage affecting Amazon Web Services. With that in mind, we should see changes in the situation almost immediately. With that in mind, stay tuned for further updates as we await a resolution to the current outages affecting Apple services.

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