Imposter syndrome: Turning self-doubt into a positive

If you often feel underqualified and doubt yourself at work, you may be suffering from impostor syndrome. But as host Isabel Berwick finds out in this episode, in some cases it can actually improve your performance. Isabel talks to Sian Beilock, president of Barnard College at Columbia University, a cognitive scientist who studies how people function under stress, and Viv Groskop, author, comedian and podcast host ‘How to own the room‘. Sian deciphers the psychological aspects of impostor syndrome while Viv gives us tips on how to deal with it and even make it work in your favor.

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Sian Beilock explains how to banish self-doubt at work

… and on overcoming the “spotlight effect”

Viv Groskop talks to the FT about overcoming fear of public speaking

Viv website

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