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Adam Newsham, Adam Ouahmane, Jessica Rogen, courtesy photo

Chad Eivins, Maxi Glamour, Sukanya Mani and KVtheWriter

Let’s face it, our art scene is one of the coolest things in St. Louis. (Maybe the coolest thing?) Thanks to the tireless efforts of our artists, we have a city full of theater, music, painting, dancing and more. But being an artist is hard. We know. OK, we’re not exactly artists here at home. RFTbut writing, even journalistic, is hard.

We’ve been staring at a blank page not knowing where to start. We’ve been there full of doubt in the middle of a story, wondering if it will ever make sense. We continued in the face of sometimes harsh criticism (ahem). It might sound familiar to artists, as they face the same and more as they strive to not only build meaningful artistic careers, but also improve the city they call home. That’s why we’ve selected four people who are helping to shape the St. Louis art scene as our first cohort of RFT ChangeMakers.

Our ChangeMakers win a no-commitment prize of $750 to advance their art. How did we select our winners? After a call for applications in May, we reviewed over 130 applications. We were looking for artists who were not only doing groundbreaking work, but also building community.

Chad Eivins pushed the boundaries of analog, outdated cinema with its multimedia displays and live concert videography. Maxi Glamor runs his own brand of flirt in the face of political backsliding, while Sukanya Mani tries to understand the toll of domestic violence through paper art. And KVtheWriter used music to deal with grief and build community.

All contribute to making St. Louis a better place to live, and we are delighted to honor them at art fairThursday, June 23. Two of our winners, Chad Eivins and Maxi Glamour, will showcase their art along with other local artists like Alexis Tucci, Dre’Co, Mammoth Piano, Dubb Nubb, Justin Ra, DJ Limewire Prime and more.

We’re excited to introduce our inaugural class of ChangeMakers and hope that in a small way we can help them bring even more art to the city.

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