Irma Soltonovich, Alanna Sparanese and Owynn Laura Presentation: Featured Artists of August

Join us Sunday July 31 12-4 and help us celebrate the opening of our August show.

Meet Our August Feature Artists Irma Soltonovich, Alanna Sparanese and Owynn Laura

Irma Soltonovitch All things Considered

My paintings speak of a kind of struggle with the issues of the mind, mortality and direction. I contemplate all these things and the landscape is the natural place to contemplate them. It’s very personal and tangible and is based on my own personal perception and experience. My intention is to paint landscapes that evoke a universal familiarity. Memory is my creative domain. I carry my landscapes with me. “Everything means something” as I am in the fall of my career. I remember that “I didn’t come this far to come this far” I am aware that I never really finish a painting, but at some point I have to part with it. Each painting offers an endless range of possibilities to explore. I’m content with a feeling that there’s more to see.

I present to you this new work and invite you to stand in my landscapes and begin your exploration. Irma Soltonovich July 2022

Alanna Sparanese

Alanna Sparanese is first and foremost a self-taught artist inspired by the inherent beauty of the natural world. She is drawn to the extraordinary in the ordinary, capturing sentiment and emotion on canvas, reflected in her luminous layers and alluring textures. Previously known as an ‘encaustic artist’, she returned to her acrylic roots, excited for the change of working with this diverse medium again! Acrylic paints, various texture pastes and palette knives create the basis of his work and his overall style. Finding the versatile medium to work with, various elements are incorporated such as transfers, collage, written material and texture. Applied generously and randomly, the textures are brushed onto a rigid substrate allowing the paste itself to guide and ultimately create the composition. Acrylic paints are vigorously brushed on in washes or heavy opaques… the mood and life of a painting emerges, layer by layer. Abstract landscapes, lushly deep, speak to both visceral and tactile senses, while expansive skies evoke a sense of mood and an ever-present calm. Trees and treescapes are painted in detail with a reverence enveloped in their natural world exuding strength and balance, invoking a sense of connection and wonder to something greater. In her large, bright studio you will find Alanna… painting, creating, experimenting and courting the muse. Apart from her studio, you will find her in nature, on dog walks or by the sea.

Presentation Owynn Laura

Owynn is a self-taught artist, living and working on Vancouver Island, Canada. Painting primarily in acrylics on wood panel, his abstract style is inspired by West Coast landscape and aesthetics and explores the balance of a modern palette with linear movement. Growing up in central Ontario with her artist father, inspirational mother and three sisters, creativity was always encouraged. In early adulthood, art took precedence over post-secondary education and careers. However, it didn’t take him long to rediscover how much art and design brought him joy, and how freely painting came back to him. Currently based in the Comox Valley, Owynn works part-time in child care and enjoys spending the rest of her time. days of painting, finding endless inspiration in the lush coastal landscape that surrounds him.

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