Jagwar Twin Share Live Acoustic Version Of “The Circle”

Genre-defying artist Jagwar Twin has shared a live acoustic version of their track “The Circle,” available now through Big Loud Rock. Jagwar Twin’s vocals take center stage in the new version, with smooth guitar accompaniment replacing the throbbing drums and string arrangements of the original track, found on the recently released 33 and available for streaming. here.

Earlier this year, Jagwar Twin released their second album 33 via Big Loud Rock. Produced by longtime collaborator and Grammy-nominated Matthew Pauling (Twenty One Pilots, 5 Seconds of Summer), 33 encourages listeners to truly see, accept, value and trust who they really are. The album features previous singles “It’s Your Time”, “I Like To Party”, “Down To You” and the hit “Happy Face”, which reached over 66 million streams and continues to climb the charts. alternative radio stations.

“I thought a lot about why we tell stories, why every civilization had myths and tales that were told, and how those stories came to represent cultures,” says Roy English, the mastermind behind Jagwar Twin. , “how these stories have changed in a world that is increasingly digitally connected and yet less and less human. We are the stories we tell ourselves and share with the world. These stories ultimately shape the way we live and can add more meaning and purpose to be shared. I wanted to convey stories that are true to who I am and in many ways who I think we all are. May we all find the strength, the spirit and above all ourselves into each other. Reclaim your crown!

Empathy, community and creative expression collide with Jagwar Twin, the almost supernatural alter-ego of singer, songwriter, producer and storyteller Roy English. The songs are captivating and confessional in equal measure. Jagwar Twin provokes and inspires, adapting to rapidly changing culture with the speed and agility of the “big cat” of the Americas, the jaguar.

English dissolves the imaginary barriers between artist and audience. As the American songwriter observed, “Jagwar Twin’s sound is built around the individual expression of universal experience”.

That attitude and ethos inspires everything on Jagwar Twin’s ambitious second album, 33. Otherworldly garage-rock guitars, grimy breakbeats and lively poetry combine with electro-pop flourishes and soulful R&B. in a unique style that is largely “alternative” and definitely Jagwar Twin.

Jagwar Twin’s debut album Subject to Flooding arrived in 2018, produced by S1 (Kanye West, Beyoncé, Lorde) and Matthew Pauling (Twenty One Pilots, 5 Seconds Of Summer). The individualism anthem “Loser”, which premiered on The Zane Lowe Show, has generated over 17.4 million streams on Spotify. The sports sync icon “Long Time Coming” and “Shine” were equally transcendent, connecting with various listeners around the world.

The arrival of 33, produced by Matthew Pauling (Twenty One Pilots, 5 Seconds Of Summer) and mixed by Jeff Ellis (Grandson, Frank Ocean, Doja Cat), coincides with the launch of the Jagwar Twin Hall of Mirrors digital universe. The culmination of a months-long Web3 campaign, it’s an immersive Web3 environment radiating wonder and possibility that rethinks the artist-fan equation. Find out more about the Hall of Mirrors here.

The album is driven by songs like “Happy Face”, “It’s Your Time”, “Soul is a Star”, “Down to You” and “The Circle”. English channels the iconic showmanship of Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie and Bad-era Michael Jackson throughout the album.

Jagwar Twin was born out of self-discovery of English and ventures forward in encouraging others to do the same, emphasizing the things that unite us rather than what divides us. The hope is to enter a new era of authenticity, vulnerability and tranquility and to dance until the end.

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