Jamee Ranta talks about Justin Bieber’s ‘Peaches’ music video

As CEO of Artifact Content, Jamee Ranta has produced music videos for Jennifer Lopez, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B and Selena Gomez. She also served as executive producer on Halsey’s 2021 film If I can’t have love, I want powermarking Ranta’s first theatrical project.

Her work as executive producer of Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” music video earned her a nomination for Best Music Video at the upcoming 2022 Grammy Awards.

During a recent video call with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Ranta discussed her work as a producer and her Grammy nomination.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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What does Jamee Ranta do?

After growing up in Ohio, Ranta moved to Los Angeles to break into the entertainment industry. She launched her production company Artifact Content in 2017.

“I named it Artifact Content because I’m a lover of history and anything related to art, architecture and science. And just human experience and emotions. And so I believe cinema is the highest art form, and an artifact is like leaving something behind,” Ranta told Showbiz.

When looking at Ranta’s extensive portfolio, the general theme of his work is “human experience”.

“I’m definitely drawn to things that are a bit more controversial. I will always be in favor of the underdog regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, culture, political views. I love the human experience of connection and empathy and trust and loyalty and all those wonderful things you want in a protagonist,” Ranta says on Zoom.

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How the ‘Peaches’ music video was made

Bieber’s song “Peaches” features Daniel Caesar and Giveon. The single debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned nominations for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best R&B Performance and Best Music Video at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Colin Tilley directed the music video for “Peaches” and Ranta credits two others for making the music video a hit.

“I can’t talk about ‘Peaches’ without mentioning Jack Winter, who was our on-the-job executive producer. Jack was really able to help sort things out and pull himself together in terms of logistics and also our production designer Wes [Dogan]Ranta shares.

Ranta then takes a break before diving deeper into making the “Peaches” music video.

“I would say. And you can put that here if you want. Wes can be a little disorganized, and he’s not the easiest to work with. However, he’s a real artist and he’s super creative. He was definitely painting things while we put the talent in the frame,” Ranta laughs. “Great last minute.”

Still, Ranta doesn’t think the “Peaches” music video would have gone the way it did without Winter and Dogan.

“I think in terms of creation and textures, I really owe it to the guys, those two really, for making this possible,” she says.

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How Jamee Ranta reacted after being nominated for a Grammy Award

Ranta’s nomination for Best Music Video at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards is her first Grammy nomination. Although Ranta is honored, she does not use the nomination to measure her success.

“The awards are amazing, and it’s such an honor. Like, don’t get me wrong, I just think my joy comes from the experiences of being on set, whether it’s acclaim or recognition,” he said. she told Showbiz.

When it comes to her work, Ranta believes human connection is the most important value.

“If a person understood that and felt passionate about it, then I’m like, ‘OK, that’s more rewarding than a Grammy nomination,'” Ranta says.

The 2022 Grammy Awards will take place on April 3 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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