Kaaris & Kalash Criminel release the live performance of ‘Tchalla’

Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, announces the release of Kaaris & Kalash Criminel’s official live performance of “Tchalla” from their joint album, SVR Vevo’s official live performances are the result of close creative collaboration with the artists and their teams, resulting in a series of very special exclusive performances. Specially crafted to fit the vision of each chosen artist, these performances connect artists to their global fan following by adding to their visual library.

“We were thrilled to be able to create these bespoke performances with Kaaris & Kalash Criminel,” said Claudia De Wolff, Vevo VP, C&P, EU, “It was important for us to capture the exact feel of the world they created with their album, and Kaaris & Kalash were so helpful in showing us the way. With such a strong backstory for SVR, we were particularly careful as the three videos unfolded, making sure that each individual performance told a story. part of their story. & Kalash Criminal are both high-energy, collaborative powerhouses, and it was a pleasure to see their passion for this project shine through.”

Kaaris & Kalash Criminel worked closely with the Vevo team to design a visual around the concept of SVR: a world where their cryptocurrency, $SVR, has completely overturned the banking system. “Tchalla” sees the couple wandering around an abandoned vault, carefully protecting their money from outside sources. Crisp, clean angles and contrasting colors allow Kaaris & Kalash Criminel to take center stage, oozing confidence at every turn.

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Watch the performance here:

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